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Alcohol Dependence and Recovery Programs at Your Fingertips

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Adolescence is a tricky phase wherein young people are eager to take up some risks and seek independence, excitement, and adventure in their lives. They experience myriad changes in their bodies, emotions, etc., and their perspective towards life changes. During this period, they even feel the need to explore drugs and alcohol as part of their experimental phase.

The problem of drug and alcohol use among youth is more common. As per one of the studies, nearly 88 percent of Indians aged under 25 purchase or consume alcohol.  And this is also the time when they are more vulnerable and aren’t fully prepared to anticipate the consequences of substance abuse further jeopardizing their life and future.

At Cadabam’s Hospital, you get different addiction recovery options that are tailor-made based on your signs, symptoms and the severity of your condition. Our experienced team of psychologists and doctors are there to counsel you 24/7 and give you hope that there are possible ways to prevent any form of relapse and live a healthy life.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Families

The social consequences of alcoholism are adverse in a family setting where family members and friends notice significant behavioral changes, leading to confrontation that disrupt relationships. In several cases, alcoholism and family problems go hand in hand, and the impulsive and unstable behavior of an alcoholic parent severely affects children and leaves the family in shatters.

Children who grow up in such environments adopt similar behaviors that increase their risk of addiction. While it hampers academic performance, alcoholism leads to domestic violence that victimizes children in the process. Kids develop psychological disorders, face problems in maintaining relationships, and it affects their emotional functioning and damages their future prospects.

The Significance of Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs

One of the most common myths that drug and alcohol addicts associate with addiction recovery management is that stopping the consumption of drugs alcohol is enough for recovery. But that’s never the case. According to the experts, implementing physical detox is only half the battle. What people fail to realize is that addiction starts in a harmless way but can gradually hamper the life of an addict alongside the lives of his/her loved ones.

It’s important for people to realize that addiction treatment doesn’t end with detox but is a long-term commitment. Its’ where these different addiction treatment programs come into play with the end objective of giving an individual a drug-free lifestyle.

These recovery programs incorporate specialized therapies to enable the person to open up and express feelings in a stimulating environment.

The goal of every treatment program is almost similar which is:

  • To facilitate and maintain recovery from substance abuse
  • To give individuals a sense of purpose towards life filled with positive mindset
  • Finding out ways to prevent relapse

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The Stages of Addiction Recovery

Empowering yourself with extensive knowledge of the addiction recovery process inches you closer to victory faster. There are nine stages of recovery from alcoholism, including:

  • Admitting you have an addiction
  • Accepting detoxification and staying focused
  • Admitting early sobriety and post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Breaking bad habits by adopting new routines
  • Being aware of withdrawal symptoms while experiencing a new life
  • Making well-being a priority in your daily life
  • Taking measures to avoid relapse
  • Enjoying the positive things of life
  • Not hesitating to seek support

Recovery Programs

Before you step into an addiction rehab center, it’s important to know the various addiction treatment programs offered, including:

  • Detoxifying
  • Individual counseling
  • Group and family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-step program


Among the several addiction treatment processes, mindfulness is the leading addiction recovery management that offers innumerable benefits to the individual. This ancient technique is about being aware of the present situation with complete attention that helps reduce physical and mental difficulties.

It’s a technique where you focus on the thoughts crossing your mind without judging them. You learn to think and respond instead of reacting to the cravings and continue the addictive behavior. The individual realizes the reality of these cravings, and will understand that it’s a matter of choice and they’re not helpless.

The individual is encouraged to pay attention to thought patterns and body sensations, and will sooner or later realize that the habit isn’t as pleasurable as it seemed. This initial step is critical in carving a path towards recovery from addiction. Mindfulness also reduces and prevents the chances of a relapse and relaxes the mind and body.

Why Choose Cadabam’s?

Over two decades of psychiatric excellence has enabled Cadabam’s to pioneer the most exclusive mental health services via extensive treatment programs that work at the roots of addiction disorders. A range of complementary treatments and specialized therapies come together in a cohesive space that is safe, nurturing, and serene.

At Cadabam’s Hospital, you get to avail some of the best addiction treatment programs that are personalized according to your signs and symptoms. Our multidisciplinary team provides you a home away from home experience round-the-clock, and ensures that your addiction recovery takes place in a holistic environment.


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FAQs on Addiction Recovery: All Your Queries Answered

Can addiction be treated?

Yes, it’s completely possible to treat addiction. You must enroll yourself in the right addiction treatment programs that include 24/7 medical care and support to quicken your recovery speed and live a sober, productive life.

What are the core components of addiction recovery treatment programs?

According to the experts, a combination of medications, specialized therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT] or Behavioral therapy can be termed as effective. Participation in group activities further improves the problem-solving skills of the individual and facilitates better interpersonal relationships encouraging them to take a step forward towards addiction recovery.

Is detoxification sufficient to treat alcoholism?

If you’re someone who has been a chronic user of alcohol, you need to go through a proper detoxification or withdrawal management period. However, detox is never a substitute for long-term rehabilitation. To smoothen your addiction recovery process, you must undertake a comprehensive treatment program that includes counseling and specialized therapy sessions to address your symptoms from a certified rehab center.

Does nutrition play any role in your recovery against addiction?

Yes, according to the expert’s nutrition plays a significant role in your recovery process. To give yourself a substance-free life, you must:

  • Maintain a healthy nutritional diet that includes fruits, vegetables, salads, etc.
  • Intake food items rich in fiber like oat, cereals and muffins
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea
  • Should keep yourself hydrated at all times
  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Indulge more in physical activities

Disclaimer: We strive to treat our patients with dignity and utmost sensitivity. We understand that drug addiction is a disease and that it is not a sign of weakness. Terms like drug addict or drug addiction are used not in a derogatory way but to remain relevant to user search trends and common usage.

It is important to note that drug addiction should be referred to as substance use disorder to better address the effects of this psychological condition and words like addict, junkie, etc. should be avoided. In case you are struggling with drug addiction and share a unique viewpoint on how we can improve this content for our readers, please reach out to us at

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