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Major Differences between Panic and Anxiety Attack

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Are panic and anxiety attack the same? This article gives a hawk’s eye view on the commonly asked questions about the panic attack and anxiety. Panic attack & anxiety concepts are commonly misunderstood because of similarity in the symptoms of anxiety and Panic.

The combination of fear and stress is the experience we face in our daily life which makes us uneasy whenever it happens. when we are worried about the future event or anticipating a bad outcome we tend to fall on general uneasy feelings and muscle tension resulting in anxiety. If the same person encounters it continuously then it’s an anxiety disorder.

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Symptoms of anxiety and Panic Attack:

Anxiety                                                                Panic attack

Rapid and high heartbeat pounding       Sense of impending doom or danger

Stomach discomfort                                Dizziness, lightheadedness or faintness

Difficulty in deep breathing                    Hot flashes

Sharp chest pains                                   Abdominal cramps

Nausea                                                    The feeling of unreality or detachment

Although both may sound similar, panic and anxiety attack are two different disorders. If the victim doesn’t know which one he/she suffering from, it might be very difficult to find the appropriate treatment. Consider this case if the victim followed wrong disorder, then it’s wasting time on addressing the wrong issue.

Panic attacks can make the victim to undergo sufferings without any warnings. When the body’s nervous system senses awkward and feels like it’s under danger or attack and tends to lose it control over the body. It lasts for a few minutes or hours.

Whereas in anxiety, it’s very predictable because it is a natural response to certain situations, also the attack of anxiety is the more intense form of emotion. The individual can feel all the time in the background, in the subconscious of his/her mind. Anxiety is more severe than the simple feeling it can last anywhere and anytime for minutes, hours or even weeks.

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Differences between panic and anxiety attack:

Scenario              Panic attack                 Anxiety

Symptoms          Intense                       Mild                 

Duration              Short                           Short – long

Onset                   Sudden                       Gradual

Disorder              Yes                              Yes

You or your loved one suffering from panic and anxiety attack, it is important to consult a mental health care professional.

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