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Mental Health First Aid: The Need To Act Proactively

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The Link between Mental and Physical Health

There’s a clear distinction made between the body and the mind, but considering the importance of maintaining overall health, the two are not considered separate entities. While poor physical health can trigger the development of mental health problems like bipolar disorder, poor mental health can have adverse effects on physical health and overall well-being, giving way to some debilitating mental/physical health issues.

Both are fundamentally linked, and the association between physical and mental health conditions significantly impact your quality of life. The association between both are:

  • Poor mental health increases the risk of developing chronic physical conditions
  • Serious mental health conditions pose high risks of developing chronic physical conditions
  • Individuals living with chronic physical ailments are at high risk of developing poor and chronic mental health issues

What is the Importance of Mental Health First Aid?

The number of people involved in suicides and mass murders are rising in alarming numbers, and if observed, these individuals suffer from different types of mental illnesses. The condition poses severe risk for individuals across different age groups, and there’s something called the mental health first aid to combat this disturbing and debilitating condition. It’s an immediate help service that is provided to an individual who is suffering from mental health issues, before administering professional help which is more complex and elaborate. Mental health first aid aims to:

  • Protect the individual who is a potential threat to themselves and to others
  • Take action to prevent mental health issues from developing into bigger problems’
  • Promote recovery to induce good mental health
  • Provide comfort to the individual suffering from mental health issues

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Why is Spotting the Signs Crucial?

While mental health problems are quite common these days, people hardly notice them due to various factors. Mental conditions like anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and addictions are so common that people fail to recognize them as serious problems that need professional intervention. Individuals get used to the condition that only makes their condition worse.

A prime reason for this attitude is the lack of information or education on mental health problems among the public. Since they know very less about the conditions, they don’t consider it a serious condition. This is where mental health first aid comes to the rescue and creates awareness of various mental health conditions. It guides individuals to take action to curb the condition and seek professional help.

What are the Aims of Mental Health First Aid?

MHFA is also a critical factor in educating people about having the right attitude towards mental health conditions. This is because most individuals resist seeking help due to negative societal attitudes. It aims to educate the masses that the condition is like other physical ailments, and it doesn’t define the individual.

Why is Mental Health First Aid Necessary?

Mental health first aid tips act as pointers to seek professional help before things go out of control. Here are the reasons why MHFA is an absolute necessity in today’s times:

  • Mental health problems are very common and are rising rapidly
  • You can recognize mental health problems clearly and faster
  • The kit encourages you to seek treatment for mental illness without any taboo
  • You’ll learn practical skills to combat negative attitudes and thoughts associated with mental health problems
  • You’ll be able to provide invaluable insights to someone suffering from mental health problems
  • It’s an effective and a practical way to successfully combat mental health problems in a step by step process
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Why Cadabam’s?

Cadabam’s is a holistic mental health rehab and treatment center equipped with all the amenities and modern infrastructure to enable individuals develop clarity and motivate them to take charge of their lives. It’s serene and all-inclusive accommodations and a multidisciplinary team of expert mental health doctors and medical practitioners help individuals achieve better mental health, via a structured plan.

Mental Health First Aid FAQs: Your Questions Answered

What are the important points you learn in mental health first aid?

In mental health first aid courses, you will learn about the various risk factors and warning symptoms that come with mental health and addiction issues. You will also learn about various strategies that can help an individual in non-crises and crisis situations; they will also know who to turn to for help.

What are the steps involved in MHFA?

  • Identify and assess the situation for risk of any harm
  • Listen to the person, without any judgement
  • Provide relevant information and reassurance
  • Encourage the individual to receive professional help  
  • Motivate the person with support strategies and self-help practices

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