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Holistic Health- An overview

The pathway to mental wellness is not that straight away. Complementary and behavioral therapies are still needed along with timeworn treatment methods to get good results.

Ancient healing methods are intertwined and connected to wholesome wellness. A holistic approach is one of a kind approach to connect with the body’s healing process. Also called the mind, body, and soul system of healing, the holistic approach takes into account mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual factors for wholesome health. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, PTSD, and more, holistic wellness treatment may help you find relief and recovery.

If mental, physical, and spiritual elements are in harmony with each other, you remain healthy. Therefore, to be mentally healthy, we should pay attention to the mind-body-soul approach.

How Holistic Care Works for Mental Health?

Opting for holistic wellness & care helps cope with stress. Stress and anxiety can deplete our physical and psychological health and hamper personal relationships. By learning ways to control stress and build a calm mindset using holistic care, we can actually nurture ourselves.

The results can be amplified even more by blending holistic methods with the larger treatment. Integrated treatment may help with the side effects of medications and help minimize the signs of mental health conditions. This comprehensive approach supports lasting wellness and promotes self-care.

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Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Some of the benefits of a holistic approach to mental health and wellness include:

  • All systems are taken into account in treating the mental health issue, including the diet, fitness, lifestyle, health, social, and spiritual realms.
  • During the treatment, the mind is used as a tool for healing. Training the mind to direct thoughts away from those that cause distress and toward those that induce calm is key. Behavioral therapies are often directed to change negative thinking patterns.
  • Making core shifts in diet and lifestyle can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve sleep quality.
  • Yoga and meditation work together to bring one to the present moment.
  • Using aromatherapy is good for elevating mood and bringing calm to the mind and body.

Which Holistic Services are Most Beneficial?

There is no one treatment that fits all. Each one has a different struggle and hopes, and hence, the holistic care they need is going to be different. A good holistic practitioner will learn about your struggle before helping you with the desired service.

Common holistic services include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness meditation

All of these services play different roles in mental health recovery but the goal is to offer pain reduction, mood improvement, relaxation, and enhance the body’s innate healing abilities. These holistic health and wellness services can be powerful individually, more so in combination, and even more so when the practitioners work together to coordinate your care with love and concern.

The Rise of Holistic Treatment in Healthcare

Integrative and holistic treatments are now widely recognized and accepted by the traditional medicine system. In fact, now the term alternative medicine is used interchangeably with integrative medicine. The Holistic Treatment in Healthcare employs therapies that extend beyond the surgeries and have proven powerful in improving psychological and physiological conditions.

The evidence supports that diet and nutrition, natural therapeutics such as supplements, herbs, and acupuncture, along with lifestyle behaviors such as yoga, meditation, exercise, and smoking cessation also have a direct impact on the mind and body. Together used with mainstream treatment, they can be really helpful in improving the exacerbating signs of mental illnesses.

With that being said, the rise of holistic treatment is overwhelming patient demand.


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Why Cadabams?

At Cadabams, we ensure that you and your loved ones get the treatment you need and deserve. The vision is to be a specialty care hospital in neurology and psychiatry with a range of therapies, procedures, and supportive measures to provide the best and quality mental healthcare. Our multispecialty team of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, physicians work round the clock and are with you every step of the way. The holistic care at Cadabams uses the best of the equipment known and heard of in the field of psychiatry and psychology for any interventions or procedures known that are available and offered in the field.

It is a comfortable facility where individuals are treated with attention, love, care, and concern.

Call us on our mental health helpline +91 96111 94949 for further details.

Disclaimer – We strive to treat our patients with dignity and the utmost sensitivity. We don’t use any term in a derogatory fashion but to remain relevant to user search trends and common usage. In case you or a loved one share a unique viewpoint on how we can improve this content for our readers, please reach out to us at


Q1:What is a holistic approach to mental health?

Ans: A holistic approach related to mind, body, and soul. If physical, emotional, social, and spiritual elements of health are balanced, desired mental health can be achieved.

Q2: Can the holistic treatment be taken along with mainstream treatment?

Ans: Yes you can use integrated and holistic care with your current treatment. Speak to your mental health team before you try complementary and alternative therapies.

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