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Mental Depression Symptoms,Cure and Treatment

Mental Depression Symptoms,Cure and Treatment

Bipolar mood (affective) disorder, also known as manic depressive psychosis earlier, is a type of mood disorder characterized by mood swings. It is episodic in nature having episodes of mania/hypomania and depression.
Normally is starts in early twenties although can occur in any age. Both males and females are affected equally. It occurs in all cultures. It is not recognized as an illness many times and people suffer without treatment. It should be differentiated from normal mood swings what people go through without affecting their life.
Depression: symptoms include
• Depressed or low mood
• Loss of interest and enjoyment in life
• Lack of drive and motivation to do normal activities
• Fatigue and weakness
• Agitation and restlessness
• Loss of appetite and loss of weight
• Inability to sleep
• Loss of outward affection, interest in sex
• Loss of self confidence, avoiding people
• Feeling useless, inadequate, helpless and hopeless
• Guilty feeling, worthlessness
• Feeling worse usually in the mornings
• Suicidal thoughts may occur too.
Mania and Hypomania: clinical features may be
• Elated mood, inflated self-esteem
• Increased activity and energy
• Inability to sleep
• Rapid speech, flow of ideas and thoughts
• Irritability, impatience
• Over talkativeness, over familiarity
• Reckless behavior, loss of judgment and impulsivity

Grandiose delusions- belief that the person is special
The episode may last 1 to 3 months, sometimes longer
With experience it is possible to recognize early warning signs in some people and take appropriate action. However when symptoms become severe, awareness is lost.