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Internet Addiction Disorder

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Do you play video games on the Internet in overabundance? Are you enthusiastically shopping online? Can’t physically quit checking Facebook? If your answer is yes for any of these questions, you may have the internet addiction.

The world which we live in today is full of advanced technological inventions. Nowadays education, entertainment, communication, and information-sharing will be difficult without the internet. But when an individual is unable to control his/her use they may be headed towards internet addiction.

The cause of addiction:

By comparing to other types of addiction, the internet addiction cause can be understood. Other types of addictions like the alcohol addiction or drug addiction the individual depend on the choice of chemicals. The addicted individual need that chemical to feel normal. Same in the internet addiction, he/she depends on cyberspace to feel normal.

The internet can be a great hub to meet new friends and stay connected with old friends, but due to overuse of social networks, dating apps and etc connected with online friends become more important than actual life. Also other causes are gambling, online shopping, watching pornography and stock trading. This also isolates a person from the real social world. This isolates a person from the real social world unknowingly trapped in addiction. It’s very common to see people sitting in coffee shops or in the family room where all are on the phone.

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Internet addiction won’t come alone:

  • Tolerance — Spending more and more in order to feel the same “rush”.
  • Obsession — Investing more time on offline thinking about past online experiences and getting ready for next online sessions.
  • In order to focus on online activities they tend to neglect friends/ family and other hobbies even responsibility.
  • Anxiety, frustration and irritability when not allowed or not able to go online which leads to depression.
  • Simply they might deny to accept the time they spent online or manifest lies to go online if the conversation doesn’t fall on their way, then aggression takes place which leads to mood swing that’s an origin point of bipolar.
  • Nomophobia: Have you thought to what extent you can go without checking your mobile phone? Fear of being without mobile or tablet caused due to the compulsive usage of internet. So-called smartphone zombies.

Addiction symptoms                                                                                   Withdrawal symptoms

Increasing depression                                                                    Restlessness

Inflaming anxiety                                                                             Irritation

Increasing stress                                                                            Sleepless

Attention deficit disorders                                                             Difficulty concentrating

Social isolation                                                                                Craving access to your smartphone or other devices

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Are you seeking help:

Research shows that up to 30% of the Indian population is uses internet hazardously. However, there is still hope to cope and manage it. Better and positive results are seen when both psychologists and psychiatrists work together in helping an individual to get rid of internet addiction. There are various therapies that can help an individual reduce the symptoms and function appropriately in their lives. For more information regarding internet addiction treatment, reach out to us now at  +91 96111 94949 or visit our website

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