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How to keep your New year resolutions in 2018?

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What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more in a healthy manner such as eating better, doing more exercise and drinking less to enrich your life? Doesn’t it sounds great? Yes, though a lot of things can happen in a year while you are in the way of accomplishing your goals for the coming year, it is all up to you as to how you make your new year resolutions and keep it.

Many of us probably fail to keep up resolutions according to research studies. If you want to hold to your New Year’s goals in 2018, then here are some practical steps to follow in order to achieve these goals. Go for it-

Practical ways to keep up & achieve your new year goals

  • Plan to Stay dry this January– According to a study, those people who have abstained without drinking for a month are likely to drink less and get drunk less along with developing a healthier body, mind, and outlook. There is also less chance of them developing Alcohol Use Disorders.

  • Make your plan worth and recognizable- One of the best ways to make your resolution successful is to make a strict plan and also let others know about it. Your new year resolutions shouldn’t just be about the changes on Jan 1 instead should also follow for tomorrow and the future as well.

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If you have planned to change your relationship with alcohol then make sure you even inspire other people around you and accept the recognition.

  • Have fitness goals? Then focus on impactful changes– Set some realistic goals and commit to regular fitness activities which you enjoy and those which are good in healthwise too. Grab your workout friend to help you motivate and keep you on the track this year ahead.

  • Adhere to your plan; do not give up– Sometimes you may slip and have a drink. But it is important to note your resolutions or goals will be successful when you have planned better. Not all of us are flawless, but continuing to work and try towards your goal even if after failing before will be the best thing to help you stick to your plan.
  • Focus on the benefits you get rather thinking of what you will miss– If you have made a resolution of quitting alcohol and drug addiction then rather paying attention to what you will miss, think of those incredible things such as better sleep, more valuable time, weight loss, engagement, happiness you will gain by adhering to your resolutions.
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