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How cocaine addiction affects work-life, family life and the financial situation

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Cocaine addiction affects a person on several levels. Most often one sees domino effect of harmful cocaine addiction cascade over one after another. It begins with behavioural changes in the person, causing other social effects over time. Cocaine addiction not only impacts a person’s physical and mental health but also negatively impacts one’s marriage, home and family life, other social relationships, education, employment and finances. Often the addiction is known to cause problems with law and order as well.

Social effects of cocaine addiction

  • A person with chronic addiction problem often behaves out of the character, becoming secretive, violent, arrogant or deliberately offensive. An addict can also inflict self-harm or harm others and resort to lying or stealing to get access to drugs. Symptoms of paranoia, low self-esteem and lack of trust also causes a cocaine dependent to further isolate himself.
  • The mood swings, violent outbursts, secrecy, erratic behaviour of an addict in a marriage or relationship causes mental and emotional distress to the other half. This exposes and even leads the other person to addiction. It becomes more difficult when children are involved in such unstable environment. The irrational behaviour and secrecy of n addict can result in a marital breakdown.
  • The unusual or violent behaviour of an addict bothers the family members, causing embarrassment in social situations. But even when the family members try to help a recovering addict, they face discrimination due to widespread stigma about cocaine addiction.

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  • Addiction can change even a smart, punctual and an efficient worker to an often late, unhygienic, arrogant, abusive worker with unacceptable behaviour causing problems with colleagues and even customers

  • Cocaine addiction has far more financial implications than just the money spent on buying the drug. The cost of treatments, rehabilitation, therapy, joining support groups are a mere tip of an iceberg. The behaviour problems caused by addiction can cost an addict a job, putting strain on family resources. The lying and stealing can cause financial damage to family or friends
  • People with cocaine addiction often turn to crime like stealing or committing frauds to pay for drugs. Addicts also hang-out in groups which carry out other illicit activities. Those who fall victim to serious crimes face severe action from law.

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The damage inflicted by cocaine addiction on a person’s life is far-reaching. It creates a volatile personal and social environment, making the recovery process even more challenging. Support from family and friends are important factors in overcoming addiction and staying committed to say no to cocaine.

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