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Geriatric Psychiatry

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Geriatric Psychiatry is a branch of psychiatry specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of mental health problems seen mostly amongst old people. This branch of psychiatry specializes in providing care and support to people when they experience complex neurological disorders in their older years.

Geriatric Psychiatry helps the patient deal with memory loss, which seems very common during old age, helps the patient to recall and remember things from the past which eventually help the patient to understand present incidents and help them deal with it in a better way. It also deals with people suffering from mental disorders with or without drug addiction problems.

Geriatric Psychiatry involves treatment in a different place, which is different from the usual psychiatric centers mainly due to the nature of the illness.It involves providing support and care to family members who often have integral roles in the patient’s life.

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Specialty of Geriatric Psychiatry

Due to the change in lifestyle and advancement in medicinal care, it has become essential to provide care and attention to old age people suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

Geriatric Psychiatric assesses each patient’s physical condition as well as the required treatment based on the seriousness of the illnesses. Sometimes they prescribe medications to deal with neurological related disorders.

Treatment for Geriatric Psychiatry

It is very essential to have an understanding of the symptoms of the patient’s disorders to the context of the person’s care situation. This is very important to our team at Cadabam’s Hospitals which consists of professionally trained psychiatrists who are specialized in the field of old age psychology. They work together to formulate and provide a suitable treatment for the patient. This helps to provide treatment to meet the individual needs along with suitable follow ups. They are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – It involves providing therapy for the individual and family members both at an Individual as well as group level.

Individual Therapy – It involves providing therapy to patients at the Individual level.

Neurology Treatment – It involves providing therapy for individual with neurological disorders and problems

Addiction Treatment – It provides specialized therapy for individuals suffering from addiction disorders.

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In short, Psychiatrists have a great role to play in assessing and evaluating the old age patients suffering from neurological and other disorders which involves greater understanding and care for patients and their loved ones. The problems with old age people suffering from disorders involves providing intense care and support for their family.

Cadabams Hospitals provides various treatments for old age patients to reintegrate back into the community to socialize and live a normal life independently. Cadabams Hospitals is home to qualified and trained professionals who provide an effective treatment to patients suffering various neurological disorders and other such problems.

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