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Until recently emergency psychiatric care from organized Hospitals in the overall Indian context was not well known off. This has paradoxical reasons. On the one hand, there was insufficient mental health care infrastructure to respond to a crisis situation while the other story is that with enhanced mental health care in society the number of recovery individuals has increased in leaps and bounds making a severe relapse situation possible and hence has made an emergency psychiatric care viable.

Once in the hospital, the next step follows, that is, an emergency psychiatric treatment of the patient. Below we discuss each of these elements in detail.

When is an Emergency Psychiatric Care necessary?

Emergency psychiatric care is necessary for setting such as attempts or thoughts of suicide, extremely violent or aggressive behaviour to oneself or others, substance abuse or dangerous addictive behaviour and such like are in turn treated by physicians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, social workers and qualified nursing staff.

The therapy required is complex as it could involve potentially life-threatening situations and this could explain the limited spread of this facility in our environment so far in terms of its growth. Hence, accurate diagnosis in a short time period and its treatment is the essence of the problem.

What makes it more challenging for the professional is that there is no one single type of stereotyped emergency and it is still evolving as the professionals who have gathered sufficient exposure are the trendsetters and leaders in the field.

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Psychiatric treatment during Emergency psychiatric care

Emergency psychiatric care as it suggests is of a short term critical health stabilization nature. Once this is achieved an alternative setting has to be found for rehabilitation, recovery and inclusion back to society. The nature of psychiatric medication will depend on the severity of the crisis and the ease of availability of the medicine for the diagnoses at issue. Of late the rapid growth of the pharmacy industry in the emergency psychiatric care segment has made the general medicine relatively redundant.

An emergency psychiatric care was of a crucial nature from its early days but the limited knowledge in this field until some years back made the diagnosis and prognosis an issue of contention. It is important and largely dependent on the observation of the committed patient/involuntary patient as no communication other than the feedback from the family/friends/associates that may be aware of his situation may disclose of his behaviour pattern/habits/wrongdoings in his personal life.

This emergency intervention lasts for a short period at the hospital by when the treating team takes the patients consent and other legal requirements that are necessary for their treatment which may be of an involuntary nature. This makes statutory fulfilment even more important. This is a field of study still in its early days and is technically called Disposition.

All the psychiatric care facility are available in the Cadabam’s- the best psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore both in the specialities of Psychiatry and Deaddiction.

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If you need more information about Emergency Psychiatric Care or have any queries, do mail us at info@localhost. Or visit us at Cadabam’s. Alternatively, you call us on our 24/7 helpline number- +91 96111 94949.

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