The Best Rehabilitation centre in Bangalore is now for Mumbai also

De addiction can make you to start the life with a good note again. It does take a lot of determination and courage to get through any kind of substance addiction. Cadabam's best alcohol & drug de addiction center called Anunitha. Anunitha, based in Bangalore holds 89% of success rate and does offer alcohol and drug addiction treatment for people of Mumbai as well. The treatment offered is based on therapeutic interventions. Thus we at Cadabam's aim to give a sober life through great support and care with professional team and evidence based programs to fight addiction.

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About Cadabam’s Anunitha

Cadabam's Anunitha is an alcohol de addiction and drug rehabilitation center in Bangalore. An international standard of care along with a dedicated team of professionals to help people attain abstinence. With all the evidence based therapies, programs, and therapeutic interventions, the center has a good access to quality recovery committed to the well-being of people suffering from addiction problems. Cadabam's is also a member and as well holds the world recognized NAADAC accreditations.

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Secured Long-Trip Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

If there is any physical or mental health emergency attention is needed then contact our ambulance service round the clock directly on +91 96111 94949. Facilities incorporated in the ambulance are as follows.

  • Our 24/7 on-call Ambulance service.
  • Ambulance provided with well-trained Psychiatric Social Workers, Psychologist, Doctor when needed , Nurse, and Paramedics to support in Psychiatric Emergency.
  • The transport team takes complete care of the suffering individual’s patients.
  • Equipped with all facilities like oxygen, foldable stretcher, emergency lights, sirens, inbuilt restrooms etc.
  • It’s highly sophisticated in traveling long distances.
  • A special GPS facility is equipped to track the vehicle.
  • Facilities at Cadabam's Anunitha

    Cadabam's Anunitha provides high standard facilities and clinical care in a multidisciplinary approach to help individuals cope and get through addiction issues.

    Premium accommodation
    Evident-based programs
    Well-trained team of professionals
    24/7 on call ambulance
    Dual Diagnosis Treatment
    Best services & programs

    Meet The Team


    MBBS, DPM (NIMHANS), DPM (UK), DPM (Ireland)


    MBBS, MD, Psychiatry (NIMHANS), FRANZCP (AUS)

    Recover from Alcohol & Drug Addiction

    Are you looking for a restoration to former or a better life from Addiction? Choose the path of Help and Recovery.


    Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in India

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    alcohol de addiction centre in mumbai

    Did You Know Facts

    best rehabilitation centre in mumbai


    alcohol rehab centers

    Did You Know Facts

    alcohol de addiction


    alcohol rehabilitation centre in mumbai


    Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres In India


    Luxury Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in India


    Treatment of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism



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    India De-Addiction Centres

    Alcoholism seems to be impossible until you visit rehab.

    #Marijuana, a hell trap that is made of dry, leaves of the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa #SayNotToDrugs

    Do you know Heroin addiction can be caused by Bipolar Disorder. #Speakup #Addiction #SayNoToDrugs

    Read a story here who live with an alcoholic person. #CadabamsAnunitha #Cadabams #CadabamsHospitals #AlcoholAddiction #QuitAlcohol

    Alcohol abuse is a critical medical issue with signs and symptoms. Read more #CadabamsAnunitha #AlcoholAddiction #QuitAlcohol

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