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Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

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Borderline personality disorder or BPD is a mental illness that affects the way an individual feels, thinks about themselves and others, also majorly affecting their behaviour. The affects of the disorder disrupts their normal functioning.

Individuals suffering from BPD tend to be highly sensitive. They are often seen to have intense unstable relationship patterns. They have a distorted self image and tend to be highly impulsive and emotional.

These individual can be difficult to handle since it affects their whole personality. However, recovery is possible as there are quite a few treatment options available to help and treat BPD. Following are the treatment options available:

  • Dialectical behaviour therapy– Or DBT is a type of psychotherapy that is specially designed for treating BPD. Here the therapy uses two concepts. One, where the patient’s emotions are validated and accepted, and two, where the patient is taught to contradict their own emotions. This way they would be able break away from their narrow view of life and look at the world from an open perspective.
  • Mentalisation-based therapy– Or MBT works on the belief that individuals with BPD lack the ability to mentalize, the ability to think about and examine others and their own thoughts and behaviour. MBT helps the individual develop this and use it in their daily lives. This helps bring a positive change in their behaviour and in their relationship with other people.

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  • Schema focused therapy- This therapy beliefs that the reason for a negative, unhelpful thought and behaviour pattern is an unmet need. Schema focused therapy helps you identify and fulfil this need, bringing a healthy change in behaviour.
  • Therapeutic Community- Or TC is a structured environment where different individuals with different mental illness live together as a part of their recovery process. Here the individuals are trained to develop social skills and increase their self confidence through a wide range of activities. They also undergo group and individual therapy.
  • Transference focused psychotherapy- or TFP is a therapy where in the therapist intentionally creates and uses the relationship with the client to help them. They help the client look into their emotional and interpersonal issues and learn techniques to overcome them.
  • Pharmacological therapy- Individuals with BPD are also, depending on the severity, given medications. These help them stabilize their mood, reduce their impulsivity and relax. They are also suggested when another mental condition occurs with BPD.

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Living with BPD can be very difficult and over whelming. However, there are various mental health institutions with professional that provide a range of effective treatments. These can help an individual with BPD manage their symptoms and lead a normal life. For effective treatment options for borderline personality disorder, call us now on +919611194949.

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