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An overview

Borderline personality disorder or BPD is a mental health condition that can affect the way how individuals see themselves, how they relate to others and how they behave. These experiences can bring in long-term patterns of unstable or turbulent emotions often leading to impulsivity and chaotic relationships with the people close to them.

Symptoms can include:

  • Indulging in risky behaviours like gambling sprees or substance abuse
  • Intense fear of being abandoned
  • Repeated acts of self-harm
  • Short but intense episodes of anxiety or depression
  • Feelings of self-hate and self-loathing
  • Difficulty controlling emotions or impulses


The diagnosis of borderline personality disorder is usually based on the following:

  • Detailed interview regarding medical history and examinations with your mental healthcare provider
  • Psychological evaluation, where you might be asked to fill in questionnaires
  • Discussion of signs and symptoms


Recovering from borderline personality disorder is possible, and there are a few treatment options to help and treat BPD.

  • Dialectical behaviour therapy
  • Mentalisation-based therapy
  • Schema focused therapy
  • Therapeutic community
  • Transference focused psychotherapy
  • Pharmacological therapy

Certain medications can also be administered to reduce the symptoms associated with BPD, such as

  • Antipsychotics: Antipsychotic drugs are seen to be effective in reducing symptoms such as anger, hostility, paranoia, dissociation, etc.
  • Mood stabilisers: These medications can stabilise brain chemicals that control behaviour and emotional temperament.
  • Antidepressants: Antidepressants are quite helpful to reduce symptoms like low mood, emotional instability, self-harm and impulsivity.

Why Cadabams?

  • Everything that we do here is majorly focused on patient experience and clinical expertise. We understand that individuals have their unique needs, so we develop personalised treatment plans for everyone.
  • We deliver collaborative care. We work in collaboration with psychiatrists, physicians, mental health care team and your loved ones to deliver the best possible care.
  • We aim at making every visit of yours to our clinic a pleasurable experience. We help you fight your condition effectively by making you feel at home.
  • We know how tough it is to deal with borderline personality disorders and make the right choices for well-being. Our goal is to ensure that every resident receives support and reinforcement in areas of distress tolerance, reality acceptance skills, interpersonal skills and emotional regulation skills.

Luxurious Living

At Cadabams, we provide clean, modern, fully furnished accommodations with all the necessary creature comforts.

Modern Amenities

Kitchen and dining hall, laundry facilities, indoor games area, yoga and meditation hall, outdoor games area for cricket, badminton, Round the clock psychiatrist and counsellor support, 24×7 ambulance on demand.

Healthy Cuisine

Our everyday menu is curated by Dieticians aimed at providing healthy and nutritious and tasty meals to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Entertainment Options

Recreation facilities such as TV, sports, gym, picnics and outings and more.

People with BPD can have difficulty in:

Cluster A: Odd and Eccentric

Cluster B: Dramatic and Erratic

Cluster C: Anxious and Fearful


Psycho-social therapies:

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