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Behavioral Addictions: Types, Causes, Treatment

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Personality is the blend of a person’s behavioral pattern that includes how they react to a given situation, depending on unique views, thoughts, and feelings coupled with the ability to understand. Certain behaviors become an addiction, resulting in a personality disorder when the person cannot function normally in daily life and fails to adopt changes, manage expectations, and maintain healthy relationships.

At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we offer dedicated behavioral treatment. Our multispeciality team of experts works closely with every individual, assisting them to beat any form of addiction and regain their life. If you or your loved ones are struggling with behavioral addiction, take our hands, rely on an evidence-based approach, and stride confidently towards a better life. Contact us today at +91 97414 76476.

What is Behavioral Addiction?

Behavioral addictions are the most common effects of personality disorders, and they often involve significant dependence on certain behaviors, including a range of compulsive behaviors to gain control of a situation, for excitement purposes, or as an emotional outlet. It’s similar to substance dependence, but are those human activities that do not involve chemical substances. The behavior leads to cravings that intensify until the individual carries out the behavior.

Types of Behavioral Addictions

The behavioral addictions list includes those activities an individual involves themselves in that can be equally addictive and damaging to mind, body, and overall health as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and substance abuse. The most common types of behavior addictions include:

  • Shopping addiction (In a study by Standford University, they found 6 percent of women and 5.5 percent of men had symptoms consistent with compulsive buying disorder.)
  • Food addiction
  • Fitness addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Internet addiction (Did you know that 61% of internet users are addicted to it?)
  • Gambling addiction

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Causes and Psychosocial Factors

A few key factors play a significant role in leading an individual to develop addictive behaviors. A child who looks up to their parents and other elders in the family will try to implement similar behavior. Individuals in families where physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse are common will resort to certain compulsive behavioral tendencies to get rid of the emotional pain.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures for behavioral addiction are designed to help an individual take a comprehensive look at the causes and effects of the behavior and implement the solutions to begin a journey towards permanent recovery. It includes:

  • Getting to the root of the problem
  • Integrating lifestyle changes, like practicing meditation and doing yoga
  • Relying on prescribed medications to control their emotional tendencies

How to Treat Behavioral Addiction?

The treatment for behavioral addiction depends on the type of addiction and its severity. For instance, the approach adopted by a counselor or psychiatrist would be different when they are dealing with a person addicted to gambling as opposed to someone addicted to sex. In general, however, in many cases, psychiatric counseling shows positive results in the long run. If needed, the expert can rely on a combination of treatments to achieve better results, like medications and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Disclaimer: We strive to treat our patients with dignity and utmost sensitivity. We understand that behavioral addiction is a disease and that it is not a sign of weakness. Terms like addict, abuser, or more are used here not in a derogatory way but to remain relevant to user search trends and common usage. It is important to note that people with behavioral addiction should be addressed respectfully to better address the effects of this psychological condition. Words like addict, junkie, etc should be avoided. In case you or your loved ones are struggling with behavioral addiction and share a unique viewpoint on how we can improve this content for our readers, please reach out to us at

Why Cadabam’s?

Cadabam’s Hospitals is one of the leading mental health care, psycho-social rehabilitation centers. For more than three decades, we have helped countless people with their different types of addictions. Our large and multispecialty team consists of experienced psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, and other specialists who work together to deliver patients the best treatment and a personalized experience. At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we care for you.

Contact us today for more information. Call us at +91 97414 76476 and take the first step towards treating behavioral addiction.

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What are some examples of addictive behaviors?
Behavioral Addictions are when certain behavioral patterns turn into addictive patterns and cause distress to an individual. Some examples include:

  • Shopping addiction
  • Food addiction
  • Fitness addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Gambling addiction

    What is an addictive Behaviour?

Behavioral Addictions are usually the most significant symptoms of Personality Disorders. Symptoms of behavioral addiction include dependence on certain behavioral patterns, the denial of which can cause significant distress to them. The craving for the behavior keeps increasing until the individual carries out the behavior.

What are the most common forms of behavioral addictions?
Behavioral Addictions manifest in different forms and cause significant distress in all their forms. The various forms of the addictions include:

  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Sex
  • Internet
  • Gambling

    What is the Behavioural model of addiction?
    Behavioral Addictions are manifestations of personality disorders. This happens when an individual develops a severe dependence on a certain behavioral pattern. This pattern could be used to generate excitement or as an emotional outlet. The need for this pattern keeps intensifying till the behavior is carried out. There are options for Behavioural Addiction Treatment, however seeking professional help is the first step.

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