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Schizophrenia Myths and Facts

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Schizophrenia is a severe chronic disorder that affects the individual’s way of thinking, feeling and being. It means a lot further to this definition. Yet, there are many questions left unanswered about this critical disorder. Here are a few of the Schizophrenia Myths and Facts.

Schizophrenia Myths and Facts

  • Schizophrenia and multiple personalities are the same

This is one of the biggest misunderstandings amongst people about schizophrenia. An American based charity conducted a poll on this question and found that: 64% of the population believe schizophrenia and multiple personalities are the same.

An individual with schizophrenia doesn’t behave like two different personalities. Rather, he/she might be at losing in touch with the real world. Besides, they hear or see the people who are not there in reality.

  • Schizophrenics are violent and dangerous to families and friends

Not all people with schizophrenia are violent. This condition might take place when the individual tends to undergo- If any substance abuse or negligence of medication.

There is nothing to worry if you take medications regularly as advised by the psychiatrist, go for regular follow up and go for psycho-social interventions.

  • Delusions and hallucinations are the only symptoms

Many people often believe that delusions and hallucinations are the only symptoms of this illness. Some of the other common symptoms of the illness are,

Illogical thinking.

  • Disorganized speech.
  • Stupor- No response and movement in the individual’s body and mind.
  • Difficulty in feeling pleasure.
  • False, fixed beliefs.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

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  • Bad parenting is the reason for this disorder

It is not caused due to bad parenting. Possible reasons behind the disorder are,

Environmental factor:

Studies suggest, apart from depression and stress, some of the other factors that may lead to schizophrenia are low oxygen levels during birth, parental loss and high rage.

Chemical imbalance:

Experts say abnormalities in the brain chemicals can develop this disorder.

Substance abuse:

Drugs such as LSD, weed, marijuana, and alcohol can also possibly make an individual schizophrenic. There is a high chance of symptoms of hallucinations, abnormal emotions, and disorganized thinking following the continued use of drugs.

Genetic factors:

Genetics is a risk factor for schizophrenia. The chances of a person developing schizophrenia are 50% if he has a twin with schizophrenia. It is a rare disease.

Schizophrenia is not a rare disease. It affects 1 in 1000 worldwide. Furthermore, it ranks among the top 10 illnesses causing death.

There are no types that exist, it is just a disorder with specific schizophrenia symptoms.

It has five types based on the symptoms and the severity,

– Paranoid

– Hebephrenic

– Catatonic

– Undifferentiated

– Residual

  • There is no diagnosis for this disorder

Yes, there is no medical test currently available for this disorder, researchers are working on it. Presently, doctors and professionals must rely on observation to identify the disorder.

  • It is not completely treatable

Though this illness is not curable, it is absolutely manageable. With different medication and therapies, it is possible to recover from schizophrenia. Medication plays a vital role in the treatment plan. Psychotherapies like. Also, ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) is a form of treatment that might work well for this illness.

Above all, support from family and friends also play a crucial role in the recovery process.

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  • Schizophrenics can’t taste success in life

There are many people who did succeed in spite of having this illness. Some of them are,

John Nash – Mathematician/Nobel Prize Winner.

Peter Green- Guitarist for the band Fleetwood Mac.

Lionel Aldridge – Super Bowl-winning Football Player.

Vaclav Nijinsky, Famous Russian Dancer.

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