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7 Best Ways to Stay Sober from Alcohol this Christmas

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How to stay sober – Try these 7 Tips for Sobriety

To stay sober during festive times requires a change in lifestyle, habits and thinking processes. However, it can be achieved if you are committed. A little forethought and planning can make your Christmas very special. Adopt some of these approaches to manage to stay sober and enjoy a happy Christmas time.

Manage stress

Alcohol is often misused to cope with stress and for many alcoholics, this is where their problem begins. It’s important to find new ways to manage stress. This can include exercise, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and therapy.

Just say ‘No’

If you know that certain people, places or situations trigger the temptation to drink you should avoid them, especially in the early days. Forming new relationships and pursuing new hobbies can help with this.

Of course, you cannot avoid situations where alcohol is present altogether and saying no will get easier. Take it one situation at a time and practise saying no to booze.

Look after your health

Try to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent mood swings and cravings taking hold. Focus on sleeping well, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

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Get support

The support of those around you will be key to stay sober once. Surround yourself with the people who motivate, inspire, and support you to stay sober. It can help to talk to people you trust about what you’re trying to achieve.

Focus on engaging

Focus on using your time in a productive and enjoyable way. Alcoholics often neglect hobbies and interests they previously enjoyed. Look into taking up old hobbies or finding new ones. Volunteering can also be fulfilling. The more you get out of life, the less likely you are to go back to drinking.

Don’t give up treatment

A good alcohol addiction treatment centre will provide an aftercare programme to help you stay on track back in your everyday life. Options include having a sponsor or mentor, attending therapy groups or having regular one-to-one sessions.

Coping with cravings

Even after alcohol treatment such as alcohol detox, you may still experience cravings for a drink. However, these cravings can be managed so that you don’t relapse into drinking again.

These tips can help:
– Talk to those who support you and understand what you’re trying to achieve.
– Do something else to distract you from the craving
– Focus on the benefits of not drinking and what you could stand to lose by drinking again
– Accept that the craving is happening and force yourself to resist

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Sobriety from alcohol- We can help

Alcohol leads one into a dark hole where the spirit of darkness resides. Alcohol addiction can take over one’s life completely. Once the chemical hooks are triggered, there is no negotiating away with thought or willpower. Shaming an addict kills. It takes an intervention-sometimes chemical- to weaken those bonds.
The battle with alcohol addiction doesn’t end. It goes into remission. Addiction is a spiritual malady that turns mysterious and finally manifests physically. It is time to defeat this ‘fatal, progressive disease.’ We can help you stay sober not just this Christmas but also live well up to the fullest by managing the triggers. Feel free to ask us. Remember addiction breaks you but recovery makes you. Contact now at 9611194949 or visit us at Cadabam’s Anunitha.

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