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Are drug rehabilitation programs effective?

Are drug rehabilitation programs effective?

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Drug Rehab Programs are effective.

A complete and effective recovery from addiction is not only the ceasing of the behaviour but enabling the individual live and function in the same society with dignity. And rehabilitation programs aims at these. Rehabilitation programs, though difficult, helps an individual get back to the society and effectively function and fulfil responsibilities. Let us look into the factors that make a rehabilitation program effective:

  • Multidisciplinary team: First a rehab program assesses the individual then provides them with a multidisciplinary team that take care of the individual. This team consist of a psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, counsellor and nurse. All of them set goal with the individual, taking into consideration their expectations, and work towards achieving them. This team also provides 24 hour care and guidance for the individual.
  • Detoxification: The detoxification is important and necessary as it completely removes the substance from the individual’s body. Here the aim is to get the individual rid off the substance and then cope and control the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This detoxification is hard to achieve in an out-patient program as there are chance of the individual getting exposed to the addictive substance and there is no supervision to stop that.
  • Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy in a rehab program aims to resolve emotional conflicts and issues the individual have. It aims to uncover the real cause of the addictive behaviour and resolves them. Not only that it also helps repair and manage issue that the addictive behaviour caused. For example, family therapy helps resolve communication and relationship problems that were created due to the addictive behaviour.
  • Support system: A rehabilitation program helps create a support system for the individual. There is always the professional team to help the individual cope with recovery difficulties along with that the individual also gets support from the other members of the rehab. The members, as a group, act like a community helping and inspiring each other in their shared goal of recovery.
  • Structured setting: A rehab provides you a structured environment that is apt for recovery. It provides you 24 hours care, a supporting ever ready professional team along with interaction with others who are on the same journey as you. All these together help create a supportive and positive environment.
  • Prepare for after-recovery: A rehab program not only helps you get rid of the addictive behaviour but also helps and guide you as to how to live without that behaviour. Experts provide the individual with coping techniques that help the individual manage stress and withdrawal symptoms.

Along with all the above what makes a rehab program effective is the individual’s willingness and their effort. How can the individual make the journey more effective? For rehabilitation program to work effectively both the party’s equal effort is necessary. Educating yourself with the whole process helps you make appropriate expectations and reduces the fear of uncertainty. Completing your home and work responsibilities before getting in a rehab program reduce stress and distraction allowing you to focus only on your recovery. And most importantly consulting and discussing expectations and issues with an expert help you have smoother transition. For effective drug rehabilitation centre, call us now on +919611194949.

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