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Personality disorders display enduring and strict patterns of thought and behaviour that differ significantly from societal expectations, impacting an individual's social life and performance at work or in school. Effective management and progress are possible through specialized rehabilitation at a personality disorder rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad, which includes customised therapies and holistic care plans.

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  • Disregard for others' needs or feelings.
  • Repeated violation of the rights of others.
  • Aggressive, often violent behavior.
  • Disregard for the safety of self or others.
  • Impulsive behavior.

  • Genetics. 
  • Childhood trauma
  • Verbal abuse
  • High reactivity
  • Peers

  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT


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Can be treated?

Personality disorders can be managed by individuals and the ones by understanding what causes certain emotions and thought processes through various forms of therapy and rehabilitation. Personality disorders often have to do with thought processes which require attention as to what causes them. This ensures that there are lesser negative repercussions on the condition and makes the condition more manageable.

Additional therapies such as CBT, IPT, and holistic methods like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness significantly benefit individuals with personality disorders. These are integral to the personalised care plans at a Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, aimed at comprehensive recovery and better outcomes.

Why Cadabam's?

Cadabams has been India’s leading name in mental health for over thirty years. We combine expertise, experience, and empathy to accelerate recovery in individuals. Our world-class treatment facilities aid in the recovery of the individual and help them feel at home while they battle their mental health disorder. Our Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad has been providing evidence-based programs for individuals diagnosed with personality disorders for more than 30 years. The programs are customised to meet the specific needs of each client, and we take pride in offering a personalised approach to care. We don't just focus on symptom management for personality disorders - we aim to empower our clients to take charge of their lives and become self-sufficient individuals. Additionally, we acknowledge that successful rehabilitation isn't limited to treating the disorder itself but also encompasses the client's successful reintegration into society.

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Our Professionals

Dr. Bopanna Sridhar

 MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)

Suhita Saha

M.Phil (RCI) in Clinical Psychology

Aparna Rani

M.Phil (RCI) in Clinical Psychology

Renuka B H

M.Phil (RCI) in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Arun Kumar

MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)

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Advanced Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, Cadabams

Personality disorders can lead to considerable emotional distress and difficulties in daily activities. Addressing these challenges effectively requires crucial therapeutic interventions, such as behavioural therapy and customised programs. In severe cases, support from a specialized Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, like Cadabams, is essential for successful recovery.

What Are Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders are psychiatric conditions identified by rigid and widespread patterns of thinking, behaving, mood, and interactions. These unhealthy patterns lead to significant distress and impair daily functioning. Personality defines our uniqueness through distinct traits, attitudes, and behaviours, shaping how we engage with others and the world. A specialized Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad provides the necessary care and support for effective treatment and recovery.

Types of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are divided into three main clusters, each characterized by distinct symptoms such as paranoia, social withdrawal, an inflated sense of self, and dependent behaviour.

Cluster A Personality Disorders

Cluster A personality disorders are associated with odd or eccentric thinking and behaviour. These include:

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder: Extreme distrust and suspicion of others, believing they intend to harm.
  • Schizoid Personality Disorder: Avoidance of social ties and subdued emotional responses
  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder: Discomfort in relationships, distorted thinking, and eccentric behaviour.

Cluster B Personality Disorders

Cluster B disorders involve dramatic, unpredictable behaviours:

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD): Disregard others, breaking laws and social norms.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): Emotional instability, impulsive actions, and troubled relationships.
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder: Intense emotions and a need for attention leading to dramatic behaviours.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: A sense of superiority, need for admiration, and lack of empathy.

Cluster C Personality Disorders

Cluster C is characterized by anxiety and fear:

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder: Chronic feelings of inadequacy and extreme sensitivity to criticism.
  • Dependent Personality Disorder: Excessive need for care leading to submissive and clinging behaviour.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD): A need for perfectionism and control, affecting tasks and relationships.

For those dealing with these disorders, a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad provides crucial support and tailored treatment for recovery.

Symptoms of Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are characterised by specific symptoms that vary among the recognized types, generally including:

  • Identity Issues: Unstable self-image and fluctuating self-esteem.
  • Relationship Problems: Challenges in forming stable, close relationships due to problematic beliefs and behaviours.
  • Lack of Self-Awareness: Minimal insight into the problematic nature of their thoughts and behaviours.

These symptoms can significantly affect personal, social, and occupational aspects of life. While medications and psychotherapy are beneficial, severe cases may require hospitalization or intervention from a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad.

Causes of Personality Disorders

The causes of personality disorders are still under study, but current research suggests several contributing factors:

  • Genetics: Links to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and traits such as aggression and anxiety.
  • Brain Changes: Altered brain functioning is observed in conditions like paranoid and schizotypal personality disorders.
  • Childhood Trauma: A high incidence of borderline personality disorder associated with childhood abuse.
  • Verbal Abuse: A factor that increases the risk of developing several personality disorders.
  • Cultural Factors: Differences in the prevalence of personality disorders across various countries.

What is a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorder in Hyderabad?

A Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorder in Hyderabad provides specialized care designed to help individuals manage and overcome personality disorders. These centres deliver therapy, medication management, and continuous support within a structured environment. Cadabams' Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad offers customised programs that focus not only on alleviating symptoms but also on fostering self-reliance, aiding clients in successfully reintegrating into society.

The Importance of a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad

The services at a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad are crucial for helping clients manage their symptoms and regain independence. From medication management to social skills training, our experts establish a safe and nurturing environment that fosters the development of effective coping strategies.

Our comprehensive approach involves a coordinated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, nurses, and other professionals dedicated to accelerating the recovery process and diminishing the societal stigma associated with personality disorders. These advantages highlight why rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad are essential components of the recovery journey.

What Happens When You Check Into a Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad?

Starting your journey at Cadabams, a leading Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, involves an initial consultation with a team including a psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapist, and counsellors. This marks the beginning of the admission process.

During this phase, thorough evaluations and diagnoses are made, allowing the expert team to tailor a personalised treatment plan for long-term recovery.

The recovery process then moves forward with psychoeducation and psychotherapy, establishing a solid foundation for healing at the centre.

How a Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad Helps in Treatment

Our rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad offer personalised programs based on evidence-based methods to individuals diagnosed with personality disorders. We aim to empower our clients to become self-sufficient and successfully reintegrate into society. To achieve this, we have a multidisciplinary team that works with clients to create a personalised treatment plan that promotes long-term recovery. 

Our programs include psychoeducation and psychotherapy, which play an integral role in the recovery process and help clients lead fulfilling lives beyond our centres.

About Cadabam’s Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Program & Treatments in Hyderabad

The multidisciplinary team of experts works with clients diagnosed with personality disorders in Hyderabad to create personalised treatment plans that promote long-term recovery. Our evidence-based programs include psychotherapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, vocational training, family therapy, and more. 

Whether clients require short-term rehabilitation or a long-term program, our goal is to improve overall functioning and help clients successfully reintegrate into society. 

Our Vision and Mission

Cadabams aims to offer access to quality healthcare to everyone. The goal is to bring world-class infrastructure and advanced treatment options to everyone who needs them. The experts also hope to raise awareness around mental health and improve accessibility. 

Why Choose Cadabams for Personality Disorders Rehabilitation in Hyderabad?

With over three decades of experience, Cadabams strives to deliver quality mental health care for all. Regardless of the psychiatric condition, our experts trained in the latest treatment modalities aim to design customizable and holistic treatment plans that help manage symptoms while also improving your overall well-being. 

As a leading Rehabilitation Centre for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad, Cadabams provides specialised care and support to ensure comprehensive recovery and successful reintegration.

Facilities and Services within Cadabams for Personality Disorder Rehabilitation in Hyderabad

Our experts offer multiple treatment options that cater to your needs. These include: 

  • Outpatient services: Our expert professionals offer consultations for a wide range of mental health disorders.
  • Rehabilitation: In-patient care that involves a holistic treatment approach while collaborating with fellow residents. 
  • Emergency care: Hospitalization in the case of emergencies involves round-the-clock supervision and care. 

Importance of Confidentiality in Personality Disorder Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad

The foundation of any professional-client relationship is trust. This refers to maintaining confidentiality. Our experts are held to the highest standards of confidentiality, that is, they are prohibited from sharing personal information about the client unless and until needed. For instance, if the condition can cause serious and irreversible harm to themselves or those around them.

Find Hope and Healing at Cadabam's Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad

At Cadabam's Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, we offer hope and comprehensive support to those dealing with personality disorders. Our services are tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of each person, using advanced technologies and compassionate care to ensure the highest quality of treatment. Our programs are designed to help clients achieve recovery and independence.

If you are seeking effective solutions to your challenges, the team at Cadabam’s Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad is ready to assist. We use evidence-based strategies and holistic treatment methods to help manage Personality Disorders effectively. Contact us today at +919611194949.


1. How much does treatment at a personality disorders rehabilitation centre cost in Hyderabad?

At Cadabams Hyderabad, we offer personalised rehabilitation programs for individuals with personality disorders. Our multidisciplinary team of experts designs customised treatment plans that include various evidence-based practices. 

The cost of rehabilitative care may vary based on the individual's needs, pace of progress, and nature of the treatment. For more information on our services, please contact us or visit our website.

2. Where can I find a good personality disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad?

When looking for a reliable rehabilitation centre for personality disorders in Hyderabad, it's important to consider factors such as the quality of care, success rate, range of services, and areas of specialization. 

Our personalised approach to care empowers clients to become active members of their communities, and our multidisciplinary team works with each client to create a customised treatment plan that includes various evidence-based practices.

‍3. What is the success rate of personality disorder rehabilitation centres in Hyderabad?

The success rate of Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centres in Hyderabad depends on the severity of symptoms and the effectiveness of the treatment. However, successful recovery is attainable through collaborative efforts between experts and clients at centres like Cadabam's, where treatments are tailored for optimal outcomes.

4. When to Begin Rehabilitation for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad?

It is advisable to start rehabilitation for personality disorders as soon as symptoms begin impacting daily activities. At a Personality Disorders Rehabilitation Centre in Hyderabad, early intervention can effectively address issues and help prevent further negative effects on well-being, playing a crucial role in managing and enhancing recovery outcomes.

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My husband suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. It was really difficult to see him in a rehabilitation center. But Cadabams did such a great job at helping him recover. We are doing much better in life now. Thank you Cadabams!

Neha Malhotra

My niece suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. It was affecting her relationships and her work as well. We decided to bring her to Cadabams so that she could undergo comprehensive rehabilitation. She is now able to manage life so much better, and I am so proud of her. Thank you for helping her, Cadabams.

Charith Kumar


Cadabams has helped us so much. Our grandmother was fighting dementia, and she was suffering a lot. Cadabams Rehabilitation helped her. The doctors there were very helpful and caring. They regularly kept in touch with us to give an updated about her.

Varshith R

My father was fighting dementia, and it was difficult to manage it at home. We searched for support for him, and we found Cadabams. They helped us immensely, they cared for him, and he seems so happy there. Thank you Cadabams.

Mahantesh G

My son made great recovery at the rehabilitation centre, but he was having some problems after discharge. With post-rehabilitation care at Cadabams, they ensured that my son identified and dealt with his issues at an early stage. The dedication of the team is really commendable! 

Dhanvantri J

The post-rehab care program really helped me. I had recovered from addiction, but was tempted again after some months of discharge. But, post-rehab care with the treating team here at Cadabams, really helped me keep my head straight.

Mahesh R

My son has rebuilt his life through rehabilitation at Cadabams. The supported employment there helped him immensely as well.


He started doing some work while recovering and it changed him as a person. He has since made some good progress in recovery, thank you Cadabams for helping my brother.


Supported employment at Cadabams really helped my son find purpose in life again. I found him looking forward to each day again and it helped his recovery so much.


Cadabams were quite beneficial against my alcoholism. My life had been absolutely shattered as a result of it. I was able to get my life back on track thanks to a brief program here. Thank you very much.


Deaddiction is a difficult process. Cadabams made it easier for my family. A special thanks to Dr. Swarupa for helping me reconnect with my family, I am a lot happier now.


This place changed my life. Would recommend it to everyone for recovery.


My son had fallen into drug addiction. Rehabilitation here really has helped him recover.


Cadabams really helped with my drinking problems. It had completely destroyed my life. A short program here really helped me bring my life back on track. Thank you.


Cadabams Amitha is the best place for recovery. My sister recovered very well here.

Varshith H

Good rehabilitation is available at Cadabams. Special mention to Dr. Madhukar, very professional, and accurate treatment.

V Mahendra

Cadabams is a really good place for longer period rehabilitation, we had a really good experience.

Chandana K

My brother was suffering from Bipolar Disorder. He just didn't seem to get better anywhere. At one point, we thought everything was lost, it really affected our parents the most. Since he has joined rehabilitation at Cadabams, he has slowly gotten better. Seeing the joy on both his and my parents’ face as he recovered was worth it. A great experience here with Cadabams.

Mrityunjay A

Our son was fighting Schizophrenia. Earlier he used to manage it well, but slowly he started facing difficulties. A short stay at Cadabams Amitha helped my son so much.

Mr & Mrs Shankar

Watching my husband go through bipolar disorder was one of the most difficult things. To see him recovered now, and back on his feet is an indescribable feeling. The short-term rehab program at Cadabams really helped him return to me.

Mrs. V Shekhar

Rehabilitation at Cadabams really helped me. The professionals here are so helpful and understanding!

Vinay L

The short-term rehab plan at Cadabams really helped my child beat his disorder. Thank you team Cadabams!

Karishma D

Thank you Cadabam’s for your support. They helped a lot with my father, who was suffering from old age issues.


Special shoutout to Dr. Priya Raghavan. She understands both the patient and their family so well. My mother had Dementia, and she was so caring about all of us while she helped my mother get better.


Thank you to everyone at Cadabams. I am deeply grateful for everything they did for my aunt. She had suffered a lot due to dementia and old age. Cadabams ensured she is happy and recovering!

Rishabh V.

My grandfather was facing many difficulties. The psychiatrists and other professionals at Cadabams ensured that he got better


Dementia was so difficult for my family to deal with. My father suffered a lot. Cadabam’s helped him cope with the disorder better.

Sukhbir S

Very effective treatment is given by their team of well-trained professionals. They are both patient and family-friendly. The hospital is well organized and the treatment plan is excellent. The activities are challenging and very useful. Our Thanks to Cadabams.

Uma Ramesh

Thanks, Anunitha. My son had gone for deaddiction. Ms. Raji, Jobin, and Sufia have done wonders. He was treated professionally and there is a vast difference in his behavior from before admission and after 2 months of treatment. He liked the food out there. Raji is fantastic. She understands the patient closely and is very attentive. She is completely dedicated. We have constantly been after Raji, Jobin, and Sufia for the ongoing developments in my Son but they have always attended to us calmly and understood our concern. My Son is back to his studies and other activities and leading a normal life. Thanks to the entire staff who was involved in treating my son. Anunitha is a very good place for treating Deaddiction.

Nilesh Jing

This is one of the most well-planned and thought-out rehabilitation centers in India. I was diagnosed with substance Induced psychosis a couple of times before and was admitted here. To be honest I found it very harsh at first and sometimes they really frustrate you and curtail your freedom a lot. But when you look at the bigger picture they try to inculcate discipline and good habits which is the most effective weapon to tackle substance abuse.

Abhimanyu Verma

We had a very satisfying experience at Anunitha. The professional approach and the diligent personal involvement were exemplary. I would particularly put on record the contribution of Mr. Rajsekhar for handholding and for providing us the clarity and direction of the process and for Mrs. Renuka, Mr. Biju, and Mrs. Saji for taking care of all the requirements of professional service during the course.

Rajnish Kumar

Anunitha gives hope, comfort, professional support when you need it the most. Dr. Priya is amazing. As for Ms. Raji, she's outstanding in her depth of understanding and tracking all the residents. Her thoughtful advice has been most valuable. I am very grateful for all the help my family member has received. Thank you!

Bhanu Chandran

It is a very good place. Very professional. Most patients who recover some self-awareness will know the value of this place. The centre has served the patient well.

Anand Rajamani

I took my aunt here for her recovery. Though it took some time, she started getting better. In my experience, this place is the best rehabilitation centre for an affordable option.


I stayed here for a year and saw a huge difference in my own life. My family were also so happy with my progress. Thank you so much for everything to the doctors, and the rest of the team.

Chintan Gowda

My mother suffered from Schizophrenia. She had faced a lot of issues everywhere, but here, I saw some improvement. The counselors, caretakers, and the doctors all were so understanding.

Kumud Sharma

I had a great experience here. It was affordable, clean and the doctors really care about the patients. They were so understanding and helped me a lot in my recovery process.

Lohith M

My brother was suffering from Schizophrenia. Cadabams offered the best recovery experience and helped him return to good health.

Manjunath R

I had stayed here for treatment of Bipolar Disorder. It was a great experience, and staying here really helped my recovery. Thank you Cadabam’s!

Ravi Kumar.

It's good there are very supportive doctors like Priya Raghavan, and Arun Kumar. We are very satisfied with the doctors and counselors. The counselors are very responsible and we had a very good experience with them.

Srividya B

It was a good experience. The team members were very understanding and helpful throughout the stay. Counselors have worked sincerely to help the family. Thank you Team Amitha and Cadabams!

Mansoor Khan

I had admitted my mother for schizophrenia treatment. Full marks to the facility, doctors, and the counselor. My mother was treated with utmost care. This is one of the best in the city.

Amrithraj Kannanth

Amazing Team, International standards of care and Rehabilitation. We had a good experience with the team, in particular Dr. Rajasekhar, Mr. Bipin Thomas, and the counselor Ms.Neethu.

Sai Prasanthi Nalavenkata

I am extremely pleased with the entire staff for their ability, care, and expertise for the treatment, rehabilitation work, and timely action during emergencies.

Christopher Neal

I stayed here for schizophrenia treatment. The care and treatment I got were on par with global standards. I did not regress to any other disorder after staying here. I recommend Cadabams highly.

Vijaya Vaishnavi Narayan

Cadabams really cares about our recovery. The staff and the professionals all try to understand the patients. Thank you Cadabams!

Ramesh G

The campus was very pleasant and the staff were also very polite. The management really cares about all patients.

Vinayak Sarkar

The rooms were so spacious and clean. Good food, and compassionate staff. Special shoutout to Dr. Madhukar for helping my son.


Cadabams helped me recover. I am very thankful. Luxurious stay at Tri-Star, and experienced team helped me a lot.


Three months my brother stayed here. He made good progress. Worth the money.


I was worried about leaving my son at a rehabilitation center. But Cadabams changed my son’s life. He has recovered impressively and the entire family is so happy. Thank you!

Vanitha K

My son was having difficulty in reading things. It was only after meeting the professionals at Cadabams that we realized that this was a disorder called Specific Learning Disability. They helped our child recover, We couldn't be more happy today!

Rani B H

When we realized our daughter was fighting Specific Learning Disability, we tried to seek help from various places. No one was able to give us definitive advice. But Cadabams was different. They took us through what exactly the disorder meant and the team helped us understand how we could make our daughter's life easier.

Ravi Hebbar

My child was facing difficulty in school. It took us some time to understand that our child was fighting a specific learning disability. Seeking help from Cadabams helped us as a family understand what our child was going through, and also helped us make changes which would assist him in his recovery.

Pramod Naik

I did not even know Autism was a disorder. But, when the psychiatrist diagnosed my son with ASD, it was terrifying. There are very few good mental health centers in North India. We had to search across the country and we finally discovered Cadabams. They helped my son so much.

Jackson Pakh

My younger brother had ASD. It was distressing to see him struggle everyday. But, Cadabams helped him navigate the stress of everyday life and helped him grow as a person. He is now able to fully enjoy life and realize his potential.

Rishikesh Verma

My son is so brilliant but he has faced so many difficulties. Autism made it very difficult for him to interact with others. Cadabam's helped him cope with ASD better and helped us as a family meet more families who were going through the same. It is such a wonderful support system. Thank you Cadabams.

Sandesh Sharma

My husband suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. It was really difficult to see him in a rehabilitation center. But Cadabams did such a great job at helping him recover. We are doing much better in life now. Thank you Cadabams!

Neha Malhotra

My niece suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. It was affecting her relationships and her work as well. We decided to bring her to Cadabams so that she could undergo comprehensive rehabilitation. She is now able to manage life so much better, and I am so proud of her. Thank you for helping her, Cadabams.

Charith Kumar

I somehow convinced my best friend, who was suffering form OCD to consider rehabilitation to help him. Cadabams' Rehabilitation Center vindicated my advice. Today, he is able to lead his life with minimal distress and he is enjoying his daily activities.

Damodar Modi

My sister was fighting OCD from quite some years. Sometimes with treatment it would get better, but eventually she would start having problems again. Rehabilitation at Cadabams, helped her a lot. She is doing much better now and her recovery seems to be sustaining.

Virat Kumar

We did not know Obsessive Compulsive Disorder could become so severe. Thats why we started looking for treatment so late. but luckily for us, we got the best possible treatment experience on our first try. Thank you for helping our son recover from OCD.

Veena R

My son was suffering from Bipolar Disorder. We had tried everything to help him get better, and we were losing hope. We tried Cadabams as a last ditch effort, because it was so far away from home. From the moment we stepped into the premises, we knew this place was different. They have helped our son so much through rehabilitation. We now finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Cadabams.

Laila Rohan

I had fought Bipolar Disorder for so long, I thought I would not get better at all. Multiple doctors and treating centres tried. But, finally Cadabams changed my life. They helped me fight Bipolar Disorder and helped me understand that I could live a fulfilling and happy life while fighting the disorder.

Vinyas Ravish

My brother was suffering from Bipolar Disorder. We didnt know what to do, but the team at Cadabams was so understanding. They have taken such good care of my brother. He is recovering and is so much better now.

Parth Kumar

My father started facing severe memory problems. We understood that he was suffering from dementia after a few consultations with a psychiatrist. Rehabilitation at Cadabams has helped him so much. He is able to take care of himself and he is able to enjoy life. Thank you Cadabams.

Veeresh A S

I would like to thank Cadabam's for their care and treatment procedures. My mother was suffering from Dementia, and I was so scared to leave her at a rehabilitation centre. But, I see her so happy now, and she is still so functional. Thank you, thats all I want to say.

Farah Sharma

My wife of 35 years started forgetting everyday things, and that was when we realized something was amiss. We received a diagnosis of dementia. It felt like the world was falling apart for me. But, the Cadabams team have done such a good job of caring for her that I feel so much more peaceful now. I can see her happy, and I know that she is cared for.

Arvind Subramanian

Depression is such a difficult situation to face. My family was so supportive through my recovery journey. But, I must give special credit to the team at Cadabams, who took such good care of me at their rehabilitation centre. Thank you for helping me return to my life.

James Verghese

My daughter was suffering from Depression. She had tried to hurt herself as well. The entire family was scared. The staff and doctors at Cadabams were so understanding. They really seemed to care about our daughter, and we felt a little peaceful after she began rehab at Cadabams. She is slowly but surely making significant recovery and we couldn't be happier.

Bharat Bhargav

I never thought depression could happen to me. I always thought of myself as a happy person. But, slowly I started noticing the changes. I was no longer finding joy in life and most of my time would be spent having really dark thoughts. It got so bad that I had to choose rehabilitation. Rehabilitation at Cadabams was so effective. It helped me recover and gave me the confidence that I could fight the dark thoughts if they ever returned. Thank you so much Cadabams!

Devika Sharma

We had tried multiple rehabilitation centers across North India. None of them seemed to help my son. Then, a relative told us about this place called Cadabams in Bangalore. We were very nervous actually, since our son was going to be so far away from us. But, the time he spent at Cadabams has changed him. We knew the recovery journey would be long, but with Cadabams, it seemed worth it. Today, our son is in a much better place and he is slowly regaining control over his life.

Tina Debashish

My little brother. The apple of the family's eye. He is my favourite person. But, drug addiction took its toll on him. He stopped interacting with us, he became very secretive and he started having multiple health problems. We finally made the decision to avail rehabilitation at Cadabams. The change in him has been immense. Through rehabilitation at Cadabams, he has learnt how to stay off the substance and we truly believe that this recovery will be sustained.

Ananya Srinivasan

Drugs were always a means of escape for me. Sometimes, it seemed easier to consume drugs rather than face reality. My family was very supportive while I tried to fight addiction. We learn about Cadabam's and I enrolled into their drug rehabilitation program. Today, I have recovered from addiction, and am in control of my life. I will never forget what Cadabam's did for me.

Varsha Govindraj

I never realised when my brother started slipping away. We thought it was too late when we realized he was addicted to alcohol. But, the folks at Cadabam's reassured us, and took such good care of him. Rehabilitation at Anunitha really helped him, and we are grateful to Cadabam's for bringing him back to us.

Prithviraj Kumar

Alcohol Addiction had completely taken over my life. I was trying hard to fight it, but sometimes there's nothing you can do. Cadabam's helped me rediscover my will to fight and their rehabilitation program made me feel healthy again. Thank you Cadabams.

Khushi Sharma

My son had been addicted to alcohol for so long. It had affected his liver and we were really scared that he was going to suffer more. But, the detoxification and alcohol rehabilitation program at Cadabams really helped him overcome his addiction. It helped him give up the bottle.

Vinay Kumar

I had been suffering from the illness for so long. I didn't think I could have recovered as much as I did until I found Cadabams. After rehabilitation at Cadabams, I have had so much more control over my own life.

Varsha Manoj

My sister was fighting schizophrenia for over 10 years. Cadabam's significantly accelerated her recovery process. I am glad that I found Cadabams, the recovery journey is so much easier here.

Sneha V

My son was suffering from Schizophrenia. We tried many places to get him treated but none worked. We heard about Cadabam's and once we stepped in here, our lives changed. They have helped us immensely and my son is recovering. I never thought I would see him enjoy life again. Thank you Cadabams.

Rahul Bose