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Why do you need Mental Health First Aid?

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Every day we learn of suicide and individuals engaging in mass murder. Most of these individuals actually suffer from mental illness. From the youngest to the oldest all are at risk when it comes to mental illness. So what do we do in times like this? We provide Mental Health First Aid. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a first aid approach to mental health. It is a help provided to someone experiencing mental health problem, before any professional help is given. Mental Health First Aid does not teach people how to be a therapist, rather it teaches:-

What are the aims of Mental Health First Aid?

  • It equips you to better protect the individual who seems to be a danger for themselves or others.
  • It equips you to take action to prevent mental health problems developing into something more serious for the individual in need.
  • It equips you to promote recovery for good mental health.
  • It equips you to provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem.

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So why do you need Mental Health First Aid?

  • Mental health problems are common and are on a rise.

According to the WHO World Mental Health Surveys, mental disorders have high lifetime prevalence everywhere in the world. We all have either sometime in our lives faced psychological issues or know people who have suffered from mental illness.

  • Mental Health First Aid helps you recognize mental health problems.

From recognizing mental health problems, to responding to the individual in need and even being aware of effective treatments available. It also helps you burst misunderstandings about mental health.

  • Mental Health First Aid helps you encourage and advocate treatment for mental illness.

A lot of individuals suffering from mental health problems either get delayed treatment or are unaware of the right treatment available for their mental illness. Delaying treatment only it takes longer for recovery. It is observed that individuals with mental health problems are more likely to seek help if someone close to them suggests it.

  • Mental Health First Aid helps you combat negative attitude associated with mental health problems.

Negative attitudes are the number one cause for people to not seek help and treatment for mental health problems. Individuals who harbour negative attitudes tend to feel ashamed and are often victims of others who look at mental health problems negatively. Causing them to not have a wholesome positive environment for them to combat their mental health problems.

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A majority of the time’s individuals with mental health problems do not have insight and go on with living their lives with mental health problems. By providing them with insight they not only recover faster but also lead much less battling lives.

  • Mental Health First Aid is an effective way of combating mental health problems.

A lot of research studies show that training in Mental Health First Aid results in better knowledge, attitude and help-giving.

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