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What Happens In Addiction Recovery Programs?

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Thinking of stepping into a rehab center for addiction issue? Before you do it is necessary to know about Addiction Recovery Programs. By doing so you would be easy to catch up and cooperate with the proceedings.

This blog highlights and explains the addiction recovery programs inside the rehab center. Ensure you know better about the rehab’s recovery programs.

What are the Addiction Recovery Programs in rehab centers?

  • Detox

In alcohol/ drug/ substance addiction, detoxification is the first step of the recovery program. Here in this program, the harmful substances and chemicals from the body are removed. Some of the other types of detox programs are cold turkey, short-term medicated detox, long-term medicated detox.

  • Individual counselling

It helps the individual in understanding the importance of recovery. Furthermore, the counsellor assists the individual in recognising the triggers and help in learning the coping skills to manage symptoms. Through counselling, the individual improves in growing confidence and self-esteem

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  • Group therapy

As the name implies, it is a group session where individuals with similar difficulties discuss the issues under the supervision of a counsellor. The goal is to bring out the individual’s confidence to seek support among fellow residents and work on recovery.

  • Family therapy

The core idea of this program is to engage the family members to support the individual’s recovery. The therapist makes the members understand and aware of the disorder. Numerous research suggests that family members support improves the individual’s communication, respect, and support.

  • 12 step program

It is otherwise known as alcoholics anonymous. Basically, it is a 12 step program that guides individuals to manage the compulsion and addiction behaviours. In this program, a group of people share their strength, hope and experience with each other in order to solve their common issues.

  • Dual Diagnosis Program

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), 1 in 4 adults with addiction is prone to experience mental illness. Hence the primary focus program is to diagnose the psychiatric issue along with addiction. Some of the psychiatric issues that go hand to hand with addiction are depression, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorder.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is one of the effective therapies in addiction rehab programs. It focuses on how a person feels, acts and behaves. Through CBT the therapist helps the individual to identify one’s self-defending thoughts and behaviours. It helps to pattern the individual’s conflicts between “what to do?” and “what I actually do!”.

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy

The therapy emphasizes/ amplifies the individual’s inner motivations. MET improves the chances of recovery through one’s thoughts and behaviours. Also, it reduces the possible risks of relapse.  

  • Holistic Therapy

This therapy instils yoga, acupuncture, art therapy and guided meditation. It focuses on the overall well-being of the individual by reducing the physical symptoms and withdrawals.

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