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When you have to take care of a family member suffering from Schizophrenia, it is exhausting both physically and mentally, because family plays an integral role in providing for the person suffering. The person suffering from the disorder might not know of it, but his loved ones get exhausted both emotionally and mentally.

How to understand Schizophrenia

When we talk about Schizophrenia, I can see a cold approach towards the disorder. That may be because they assumed no one has had personal experience with it. One needs to have a firsthand experience to understand how it affects the family more than the person suffering from the disorder.

It is as important to keep the mental strength of the caregiver’s going as the patient’s, because Schizophrenia is a complex disorder in which relapses occur during unpredictable times making it difficult to treat. Despite the advancement in medical science and treatments, we still haven’t got rid of the stigma surrounding the disorder which often does more harm to the person suffering from the disorder.

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Relating to schizophrenia

It is never an easy journey for caregivers in providing support for the person suffering from the disorder. When you suddenly feel that there is no one else in the world to provide you support, you will feel so alone & emotionally exhausted. There are self help groups for the caregiver which consists ofpatients suffering from Schizophrenia. It helps having close interactions with these groups as it gives strength to begin hearing their stories too.

There exists a bond between the members as they share almost the same story and are able to understand each other. They became close to each other to gain strength from one another in order get prepared for the unknown future. We never know what lies in the future waiting for us, but the strength and confidence we gain to face it helps us deal with the problem.

There are people in society who won’t accept the person suffering from illness. They are the ones misled and blindfolded with the stigma and misconceptions on the illness. There are also superstitious beliefs surrounding mental illness where schizophrenia is considered being possessed by evil spirits. Due to this fact people often don’t seek medical treatment for the disorder.

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Taking the positive steps forward

More people opening up and talking about the illness will serve our society better in helping get rid of the stigma and misconceptions on the illness. There are many people out there suffering, some of them come out and talk about it, others suffer in silence. Their silence does more harm to them and others suffering from the disorder. Their silence often prevents more people from talking about the disorder. But you shouldn’t be afraid or be silenced by this fear.When you come out and talk about it, you are in fact doing a favour to other people just like you with the same fate. It is the most effective to gain support for the people suffering with the same fate struggling with their own suffering and sad story.

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