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The Startling Start

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I open my eyes to a blinding bright light. The soft breeze I felt across my mop of salt n pepper hair is now a strong gust. My body is weightless. My arms are flaying. There’s no earth beneath my feet. I am falling. The fall is strong, uncontrolled and I can’t see where the heck I am. All I know is I am going down at what seems like a lightening speed.

Shit!! What’s that sound? It’s killing me. It’s the wind whistling past. For a fleeting moment my body shifts and faces down. I expect to see the ground that’ll break my fall. But no. I see more of the light and the sound in my ears gets worse to bear. I get hold of my hands and command them to cover my ears. As I do this, my glasses fall off. I pull my knees to my stomach and close my eyes tightly, now dropping like a stone. I am in a fetal position on my way to a fatal crash.

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I was a baby once. We all are before we grow up, our cells multiplying crazily, ain’t we? To me, my childhood is hazy. No, it’s not this spot that I am in this moment that’s rubbing out my memory. It is hazy. Always has been.

My parents tell me I was born on Good Friday forty years ago and the nurses at the hospital were ecstatic and took me to the church. I still like nurses. Since my birth I have been shifting cities as my parents had transferrable jobs. I’ll tell you all about my life if you want to listen.

Book screening with our director of triage,  Kamlesh Verma
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Okay, things are hazy about my childhood and it’s not something you blabber about when you are falling into an abyss that’s lit like the sun. But I’ll try. Keep my mind off the impending splatter, splash I guess. He he what’s up, doc? But if you like sexier stuff you can flip to the parts covering sex, drugs and rock and roll. For drama you can check out my divorce. If you want to figure out why I am telling you this, draw a sine wave and stare at it. I am still falling and the damn light’s hurting my eyes.s

So, I have a tale to tell. You have some time to kill. Let’s get started. I’ll begin where it all began.

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