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Substance Abuse Prevention

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The best way to not get addicted to a substance is to prevent its overuse on the first place. Substance abuse has been quiet a mental health issue affecting many lives. To minimize this research based prevention programs have been started and applied in various institutions.

Many of these prevention programs are targeted to adolescents, as this is the age many individuals start experimenting with substance. These programs use a lot to techniques that help in minimizing substance abuse. Let us look at the ways in which substance abuse can be prevented.

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  • Delay the first intake: The goal of various prevention programs is to delay the first intake. Studies have shown that individuals who start substance intake before 14 years have higher chances to get dependent on it later in life. Early intake is also associated to various physical and mental health issues.
  • Effective parenting and strong family bonds: This is essential in the case of an adolescent. Parents need to have an open conversation with their child regarding substance abuse and set up rules regarding them. The family bond has to be strong so that the child depends on them when there is an issue. When they can completely rely on their family, chances of them depending on substance for relief decreases.
  • Promote effective coping strategies: Many individuals start using drugs or substance when they are stress and overwhelmed by an issue. And they rely on substance as they do not know how to effectively cope with the issue. Thus effective coping has to be promoted. Some of them can be; discussing with a friend, in case of stress, relaxation techniques can help, take a break from what is stressing you, etc.
  • Psycho education: Adolescents and young adults have to be educated about substance abuse, addiction and the effects of these in their lives. Once they know, they are in a better position to identify signs and take measure to prevent substance abuse.
  • Organize talks: These can be part of psycho education. In schools and colleges a law enforcer or a mental health professional can be invited to talk about the scenarios they come across with substance abuse. Along with that they could also provide measures that can be used when someone they know or one feels they are on the verge of substance abuse.

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Prevention is not a sole responsibility of an institution or a particular person. Substance abuse is increasing and has become a social problem for many countries. Hence we all need to take measures to prevent it and encourage others to do the same. For best treatment options of substance abuse, call us now on +919611194949.

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