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Alcohol De Addiction & Rehabilitation

Alcohol De Addiction & Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Alcohol De-Addiction and rehabilitation program is recommended for people with alcohol dependence (Alcoholics) and harmful use. The comprehensive Alcoholic De addiction and Rehabilitation program has components that focus on not just the problem but also the person who is into the problem. The therapies have range of group and individual focused interventions (IRP Individualised Recovery plans).

Who Can Join this Program:
  • Person abusing alcohol or drugs
  • Person wanting to cut down the intake of alcohol and Drugs
  • Wants to control the habit
  • Those who are on the verge of slipping into dependency

Duration: Comprehensive De-addiction and Rehabilitation encompasses Harm Reduction and Detoxification and further steps into addressing holistically various areas of person affected due to alcohol

In case of emergency please do not hesitate to call +91 9611194949


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