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Organizational and Individual Role in Reducing Stress at Work Place

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Mr. Francis (name changed) was rushed to hospital in the early morning hours at 3.00 am for sudden severe abdominal pain. On thorough he was found to have ulcer (wound inside stomach) also his cholesterol levels were high, on the verge of developing diabetes.It may seem by reading the above problems that he might have had bad lifestyle and habits.

But little is the awareness or even acceptance that this could be due to longstanding stress he faced in his workplace. Organizations, family and to some extent even professionals also fail to realize the importance of identification and modification of workplace stress.At organization stress could be due to many factors like unsafe working condition, insecurity of job, poor interpersonal relationship with supervisors, discrimination, new management style, lack of acceptance of existence of stress at workplace and lack of acknowledgment of individual achievements.

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Organizations role:-
(1) Develop workplace environment of genuinely caring management about well being of workers.
(2) Effective formal and informal communication.
(3) Clear definition of roles.
(4) Effective HR system to support proactive management.
(5) Efficient and empathetic conflict and grievances resolution.
(6) Encouraging social and sporting activity within workplace.

Individual/ personal role:-

(1) Be humorous – because laughter produces helpful chemicals in the brain
(2) Brisk walk and change environment: go out for brisk walk or take deep breath, observe breathing
(3) Drink water (not coffee, tea, coke etc) you will drink more water if you keep some on your desk/table at all times. It is human nature to drink if it is there. When you drink more water you get break to go to washroom.

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(4) Weeping proper tears has a powerful helpful affect on stress levels. What ever the science behind crying a good bout of sobbing and weeping does seem to release tension and stress for many people.
(5) Good sleep for 6-8 hrs.

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