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Am Mohan (name changed), I have been a cannabis user for the past 10 years. This is my story on how I got my life back to the normal track, what made me become an addict and what helped me recover. Am going to share my experience with all the readers. Want to see my interview with the counselor Click here

As mentioned earlier am a long time user of the drugs. I myself hit and sunk my Titanic life in a drugs Berg. At initial condition it’s good to consume, it made me feel high, made me feel strong and most importantly I felt peaceful. And then the problem started, it’s kept eating me inch by inch it’s kind of ….. kind of something happening …. like melting my brain, lungs, heart, and everything. Then I realized that I paid too much for it.

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The time that I thought “No one in this whole of the universe can understand my pain”, but by god’s grace my parents did. They understood my sufferings and they took me to many hospitals. Which every hospital I stepped in, I got the same information again …and …again and …again and… again. There no drop of water  in the thirsty deserts.

Finally, I got to know about Cadabams through my parents, there they treated me as a guy among one of them. That friendly reception convinced me 25%.  They gave permission to visit other recovering individuals before being admitted. The treatment options and the way they handled me was great and appreciable. The journey was hard, really hard when I started but now am back to my normal track,  where I belonged previously. Thanks to Cadabams for making me feel the essence of normal life again.  

Mohan went through a tragic life facing dangerous and serious consequences because of his drug addiction behavior. Now he is able to live a healthy and happy life after getting through a series of treatment processes and programs.

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Drugs will not only cause a damage to the life of an addict but even worsens the life of your family  thus descending life to death. If you or someone you know is fighting with drug addiction, you are not alone. Cadabam’s offers a valuable support and care to help individuals battling drug addiction get a recovery.

Visit to get more details about the treatment programs and procedures for curing drug addiction or even you can get in touch with us @ +91 96111 94949 and get an appointment today to speak to our best clinical psychologists and psychiatrist for the same.

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