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Can Internet Usage Develop into Internet Addiction?

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“There is a difference in reading a book when there is no significant necessity. Similarly, usage of the internet cannot be justified when there is no cause”.

There is an ongoing psychological debate on this difference where internet addiction is often misunderstood with internet use. Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is characterized by many hours spent in non-work technology-related computer/Internet/video game activities/ pornography. It is accompanied by changes in mood, preoccupation with the Internet and digital media, the inability to control the amount of time spent interfacing with digital technology.

Effects of Internet Addiction

In developing countries like India, IAD is not very common but, in metropolitan cities, it is emerging rapidly. Some detailed studies imply on the fact that, men are more prone to IAD. It ranges from 0.3%-0.8% in India. Notable consequences of IAD will be desired mood to achieve in new game or spending more time for satisfaction, seclude oneself when not engaged, a diminishing social life and adverse work or academic consequences.

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In addition to these consequences, if the intensity of IAD grows, reward center or pleasure pathway of the brain can get activated resulting in increased dopamine highness along with the other neurotransmitters, which stimulates pleasure or satisfaction psychologically(eg: Pornography in sexual stimulation, online poker in financial desires).

According to Mental health professionals, the research studies claim that IAD gives rise to Major psychopathological unsoundness like depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, hostility, interpersonal sensitivity are more assailable.

“I feel technology has brought so much joy into my life. No other activity relaxes me or stimulates me like technology. However, when depression hits, I tend to use technology as a way of retreating and isolating.” – Anonymous!

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Managing Internet Addiction

Restoratives includes, many psycho-model therapies like Behavioural therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy ( CBT) exercises some of the techniques like, practicing opposite time of Internet use, using reminder cards, setting goals, enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving client ambivalence etc, may help in restoring from this addiction.

“It is never late for any counteraction when found. Wiser to be healthy as a whole”

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