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Facts about Alcoholism

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1. Alcoholism causes various short term health hazards.

The short term harm alcohol causes are the health conditions apart from diseases. It includes injuries caused by accidents, falls, homicides, sexual assaults, alcohol poisoning, etc. Under the influence of alcohol individuals have judgments and decision making skills are inhibited, this might be the reason behind the harmful results.

2. Alcoholism causes various long term health hazards.

These long term health hazards are medical condition the individual develops after intake of alcohol for quite a period of time. These conditions involve cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, digestive problem, memory loss.

3. Alcoholism is associated with domestic violence and sexual assault.

Studies have shown that harmful alcohol use is associated to domestic violence and sexual assault. But this does not mean that alcohol use causes or makes an individual do all these but the studies do show that the individual who were involved in these actions were under the influence of alcohol.

4. Alcohol affects the unborn.

Women who are pregnant, if abuse alcohol, put not only themselves but also the unborn child at risk. The mother’s alcohol use results in the child developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which includes symptoms such as hyperactivity, poor coordination, difficulty in hearing and sight, heart problem, it can also result in the child having certain deformities.

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5. Alcoholism also affects children in the family.

Children of alcoholic parents are seen to have a higher risk to experience alcohol related mental health issues. Since the parent here is too much involved in the addictive behaviour, children here are more likely to experience repeated neglect, behavioural problems, relationship problems, emotional instability and various other mental health problems.

6. Genes are not the sole cause of alcoholism.

Parents do pass on their genes to the child but the child’s behaviour depends on a lot of other factors too. An alcoholic parent puts the child at a high risk for alcoholism but along with that the environment of the child also plays an important role. Environmental factors such as peer pressure, parenting style, the setting, etc along with heredity is seen to contribute to alcoholism.

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7. Harmful alcohol use causes around 5.9% of deaths worldwide.

According to a global survey conducted in 2014, alcohol use was seen to cause around 3.3 million deaths per year. Alcoholism is the one of the leading lifestyle-related cause of death.

There are people who think alcoholism or the addiction is a choice of the individual and emphasis on the fact that the individual suffering is the one getting affected and is the sole cause of it. The above facts are given in hope that people understand this addictive disorder, understand the fact that everyone around the individual is affected in some way or the other and that alcoholism is not the matter of character but a brain disorder.

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