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A Personal story of Living with Depression

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How is it to live with depression? My name is Nathan and I want you to know how depression feels like and why it is a good choice to consider depression treatment.

Depression Symptoms

Initially, the symptoms started mild, like most people I too thought it’s a passing cloud. Then it gradually interrupted my daily activities. I  was experiencing discomfort during the nights of sleep. I was gasping out for energy more. Often I did encounter muscle cramps and headaches without any reason.

Days would sail with sadness and ocean of worries. I used to get upset for silly things and on a few occasions, my eyes were melting with tears for no reason. People would annoy me with a few questions which may trip my mood and trigger my rage- “Why are you looking so dull nowadays?” or “what happened to you?” or, “I think you are stressed”.  

Sometimes I don’t step out of the bed. Gradually my interest in all things began to vanish. I personally didn’t share my thoughts of uneasy emotions with other people. So I kept all my sufferings and pain within myself and I appeared to be alright. Here is the point where I realized I made a mistake.

Remember, when you experience the early signs seek help or share with someone you trust. What are the other symptoms of depression to look out for?

  • Constant feeling of sadness and unhappiness, almost every day
  • A feeling of hopelessness or worthlessness, excessive guilt
  • Dark feelings of self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • Psychological impairment
  • Physical pains and aches with no specific physical cause
  • Insomnia  
  • Change in weight and appetite
  • Impression or a feeling of restlessness
  • Difficulty focusing or making decisions
  • Isolating social events and activities which you normally enjoy
  • Anxiety and agitation.

You can learn more about how depression feels like here.

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Depression Treatment…A Ray Of Hope

After witnessing all my struggles with depression, one of my trustworthy people took me to a counsellor nearby. The counsellor made me understand what I was going through and dealing with. He further guided me through the process of rehabilitation programs for depression. As per the advice of the therapist, I opted for rehabilitation center.  It helped me in developing strong coping skills to deal with the symptoms of depression.

My counsellor’s advice was to go inside the rehabilitation center with an open mind, unlike having all the misconceptions people think about rehab. And, that was my key to catch up with my recovery.  

Furthermore, medication, therapy, and cooperation were also vital factors in the improvement. My story is an experience to make the people aware of depression, its symptoms, and seeking the right help. If you want to learn more about what are the treatments for depression- click here.

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If you are someone who is experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs of depression, be it mild, medium or severe, do seek professional help.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to be not okay! Call us for help @ +91 – 9611194949 or contact us at Cadabam’s.

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