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Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

We, all of us do experience irritation and mood changes, but do you know people suffering from Bipolar disorders confront with severe mood swings and manic depressions? What does a Bipolar Disorder mean? What are its causes? How is it treated? Before you dig into these aspects, did you know about the types of bipolar? Yes, bipolar disorder is of two types- bipolar 1 and bipolar II disorder. This article will give you a brief about how a person suffering from Bipolar II Disorder feels and the best curing options for the same.


How is Bipolar II Disorder different from Bipolar 1?

An individual suffering from bipolar 1 disorder experiences high mania of depressive episodes or even without depressive episodes. But, the person who is dealing with bipolar II disorder experiences hypomania as well as depression.


The only difference between these two forms of disorders is the presence of mania. Bipolar II disorder is characterized by hypomania which is a light form of mania. Hence, for this reason, the bipolar has its other name called as ‘soft’ bipolar.


What it feels like to live with a Bipolar II Disorder?


Do you know bipolar ii disorder is much common than a person realizes it? Yes, the symptoms usually identified as less severe.


Individuals suffering from hypomanic episodes often look quite and pleasant around. They sometimes seem to be easy going, take a deep interest in the activities and life of other individuals, crack jokes and also do infect others with the positive moods.


But did you know what is the bad part about the Bipolar II, it is still a distressing mood disorder. Most of the people suffering from bipolar II disorder cycle to and fro between the depression and hypomania, while some people encounter with long periods between the episodes. The sufferers face classic symptoms of the depressive episodes.


Symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder


  • Depressive mood swings
  • Lack interest in all activities
  • Low self-esteem
  • Develop suicidal thoughts
  • Be isolated from social interactions
  • Agitation and restlessness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Develop sleep difficulties- insomnia and hypersomnia, and also a constant feeling of fatigue.


What are the risk factors of Bipolar II Disorder?


Nearly anyone can develop this type of bipolar disorder. Bipolar II can start in the teenage or in early II0’s. An individual who has a family member with a bipolar history is likely to higher chances of developing the disorder.


Do you know about II/3rd of the world population with a bipolar II disorder have at least one relative with major illness and depression? A child is at a risk of about 15-30 % to develop the disorder if he/she has a parent affected with the same. The chances go high up to 75 percent if both the parents are diagnosed with it.


Bipolar II Disorder is left untreated can cause the episodes to last about several months and become an equally serious form of mental illness.


Treatment for Bipolar II Disorder


There is always Hope in recovery! If you or your loved one is badly suffering from Bipolar II disorder then it is advisable you have them diagnosed with a good clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist. Getting through the counseling sessions will let you know about the best treatment option that is required for your loved one to recover from the problem. Here are few treatment options for bipolar disorder for you to choose from-



  • Mood Stabilizers- These are highly effective in controlling the mood swings, depressive episodes, mania, hypomania of the sufferers. The mood stabilizers are the pills which are usually approved by the FDA for treating the persons with a bipolar disorder.
  • Psychotherapy- Regular therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, family focused therapy sessions with help of clinical psychologists and therapists helps in stabilizing the mood, thus leading to lower risk of hospitalizations. They even help in managing the symptoms of the disorder.



Though it is a troubling mood disorder, it is curable. The main thing one has to keep in mind is to take an immediate action after knowing the warning signs. If you or your family member is showing up the potentials indications of a Bipolar II disorder, you need not worry as help is Available!
Visit www.cadabams.org to know more about the causes and effects of bipolar II disorder from our best psychiatrists and medical counselors. Also, you can reach us @+91 96111 94949 to know more about the best treatment option for your loved one to recover from bipolar II disorder.


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