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What are addiction treatment programs?

What are addiction treatment programs?

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Addiction Treatment

We at Cadabams provide a wide range of services when it comes to addiction related mental health problems. Addiction is a serious mental condition that is complex and often chronic in nature. It affects the functioning and the constitution of the brain and body. Addiction has serious repercussions on relationships, families, schools, work life and on society at large.

Individuals with addiction suffer a great deal of negative consequences yet are unable to gain control over their subject of addiction. The symptoms of addiction would include severe loss of control, engaging in addiction despite severe consequences, continued preoccupation with the usage, failed attempts to quit, increased tolerance and withdrawal effects.

There is a wide range of rehabilitation programs provided at Cadabams. From 1 month programs, 3 month programs and even 6 month programs.

  • Harm Reduction Program

This addiction program lasts for around one month. First a clinical screening is conducted, to better understand the diagnosis of the individual. Detoxification program would then be introduced in order to get rid of the substances consumed by the patient. Once under control, diagnostic testing and a variety psychotherapies by clinical psychologists would be undertaken like insight building, motivation enhancement therapy, cognitive- and behavioural therapy. Due to the limited time i.e. one month only a basic care could be provided to the individual, where they can help themselves out of the withdrawal stage and be insightful towards their addiction.

  • Comprehensive Program

This addiction program lasts for around three months. The first month would remain the same as above; the second month would consist of addressing the individual’s chief complaints relating to their work, social, family lives. Here the issues and the problems addressed are much deeper. Psycho-education is provided to the individual; an understanding of the substance /alcohol’s harmful effects, monitoring of the individual’s dysfunctional ways, psychotherapies are provided, designed by the clinical psychologist specifically for the individual. Family therapy too is provided here, these sessions could last up to 4. A client workbook is maintained where their lives from childhood, adolescence and adulthood is recorded. Clinical observation is done by the psychiatrist, where they provide medications and interventions are provided. Individuals also attend group therapy that is Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or Narcotic Anonymous (NA) in order to share their struggles of addiction and be supportive and inspirational for one another. Other programs like yoga, Revive meetings (insight building) which is a 12 Model undertaken by counsellors and Reel Therapy which consist more than 12 movies are also undertaken throughout their rehabilitative stay.

In the third month a relapse prevention program is introduced. Here each situation is identified in order to make sure the individual doesn’t go back to his addiction days. This program is called Nine Model Situation. The client is asked to practice motivation to leave addiction. If the denial persists family is enlightened about our limitations and a family counselling therapy is oriented.

If the family wishes, they can continue a fourth month of admission process of the same. This is undertaken when they believe the denial persists. There will be a change in strategy in order to have a practical approach and desired change for the same; Aversion Therapy would be used here. A progress chart is maintained throughout their recovery.

Post Care Plan- Once the individual leaves the rehabilitation, they are called for post care wherein they undergo family interventions, the psychotherapist checks the progress of the individual, telephonic interventions are also provided. Individuals also attend group therapy i.e. AA or NA as a role model for new addicts in the rehab.

  • Integrated Program

Integrated program consist all the provisions of Comprehensive program, the only difference here is more Indian-ized approach to healing. Which is a therapy developed from the Indian systems like Ayurveda, etc.

  • Dual Diagnosis Program

Dual Diagnosis Program focuses more on the psychiatric problems of the individual. As here the individual along with addiction suffers from a more serious mental illness. This is a six month program where in the previous three months of therapy remains the same but from the fourth month the therapy concentrates more on the psychiatric condition of the individual. The progress seen here is slow. Individual programs are introduced to manage the psychiatric condition, family therapy continues. Once a progress is witnessed skill training is facilitated in order to apply for jobs.

As understood above addiction can be a serious mental condition but nobody needs to live with addiction; it can be effectively treated, prevented and cured, as well as managed by the individual with the help of healthcare professionals and the support of family and friends. For best addiction treatment programs, call us now on +919611194949.

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