24 X 7 Helpline For Mental Health Emergencies

Therapeutic Offerings

Intellectual and developmental disorders have many medical causes and manifest in its own unique way. While medical intervention is necessary sadly has limited role in the irreversible and long term impairment and disability caused due to intellectual and developmental disorders.At CADABAM’S ANKITHA the motto is to see that disability does not win. ANKITHA has multidisciplinary team of

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Physiotherapist
  • General physician
  • Nurses
  • Clinical psychologist


The goal of the multidisciplinary team is to identify the abilities and limitation of each person so that adequate and appropriate support is provided to maximise the functioning capabilities.

The multidisciplinary team of ANKITHA after the assessment will programme and provide “Individualised Support Plans” for the residents considering social, emotional, behavioural and cognitive needs.


People with intellectual disabilities have approximately five times higher rates of mental illness than the general population. In addition to the emotional and behavioural difficulties that can arise from brain damage or dysfunction, people with intellectual disabilities are more vulnerable to psycho social stressors like bullying, abuse, bereavement, poor problem solving skills that can precipitate mental health problems. The communication difficulties experienced by many people with intellectual disabilities can compound the distress as it is difficult to process the emotions effectively. At ANKITHA professionals especially psychiatrists and clinical psychologist with counsellors have specific expertise in the identification and treatment of co morbid Psychiatric/ Mental health difficulties in people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ANKITHA has special emphasis on

  • Social skill training: Enabling them to function well in any social situations, manage interpersonal relationships and communication skills
  • Training in Activities of Daily living like bathing, brushing and taking care of self
  • Behaviour management skills



At ANKITHA Psychiatrists as part of multidisciplinary team will assess the need for pharmacological treatment of underlying problem and prescribe medicines where it is absolutely necessary in line with best of national and international guidelines with careful and regular monitoring of effectiveness.


Residents of ANKITHA have professional support of clinical psychologists. It is known that psychological therapy does help some persons with intellectual disabilities either in individual or group context. These specialists have special orientation in delivering neuro behavioural model therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho dynamic therapy and behavioural therapy.

The special educators at ANKITHA assess residents for curricular and co-curricular activities and are taught with multi-sensory materials.

Occupational therapists of ANKITHA are concerned with the day to day activities of residents in their regular settings. The therapists work to try and overcome barriers that are impacting on the everyday activities of persons with intellectual and developmental disorders by helping them learn new skills, practice old skills, or looking at creative ways to get around difficulties.


The General physicians asses and manage general physical health issues of residents while counsellors co-ordinate various programmes of their respective residents with all other specialists and also with family members who will be part of the whole process.