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Mental Health Nuts n Bolts June 2016
– Devendranth Akhoury

Mental health, as it is to be understood, affects children, adolescents and adults alike. It is not a critical disease and is quite common and can be cured by medication and in some cases even be controlled by good individual and group counseling. The latter includes role play, art therapy, poetry writing, cultural activity like reel therapy etc. Interestingly therefore that it is in Google Maps there are only 2 mental health clinics shown in the city of Bangalore. Understandably one of them is from the Cadabam’s Group’s of hospital and centers. The other being the government controlled Nimhans.

Mental health has been defined as an impairment of a person’s condition with regard to their psychological, social and emotional well-being. In other words its affects our focal processes of thinking, action and feeling. The causes can be defined and separated into three segments also such as genetic, traumatic life experiences and hereditary factors.

Hence, there is no single type of mental health counseling that has been indicated. In fact what is surprising is the rapid response in counseling that has been prescribed by professionals. Counseling has to focus on elements like a safe home, a good social environment and cordial interaction in society, a nurturing physical and emotional life, and setting goals objectively that bring back purpose to life, build a peer and support group, participate in all decision making relating to ones illness and recovery, etc.

The mental health issue could range from Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Suicidal Behavior, Mood Disorders, Depression, Substance Abuse and Psychotic issues. All mental health conditions, especially in the early stages of impairment, do not need medication. For example, the mental health medication varies from mild anxiolytics, to mild to strong types of anti-depressants. In case of antipsychotics the list includes all the well known drugs.

The discussion on these issues is in a non threatening manner and is built with simplistic solutions. This response is what gives the message of hope to those suffering from mental ill health..

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