Are You Sexually Preoccupied?

10 mins

Are You Sexually Preoccupied?

Is sex constantly on your mind? Are sexual thoughts interfering with everyday tasks? Are your actions harmful or inappropriate in nature?

Sexual thoughts are a normal part of human sexuality. They can be triggered by a variety of things, such as seeing someone attractive, reading erotic material, or simply feeling aroused. Sexual thoughts can be pleasant or unpleasant, and they can vary in intensity. However, sexual thoughts can become abnormal if they are excessive, intrusive, or disturbing. For example, if someone has so many sexual thoughts that they interfere with their daily life, or if they have sexual thoughts that cause them significant distress, then this may be a sign of a sex addiction.

Other signs that sexual thoughts may be abnormal include:

  • Having sexual thoughts about children or other non-consenting adults
  • Having sexual thoughts that are violent or aggressive
  • Having sexual thoughts that cause you to feel guilty or ashamed
  • Feeling unable to control your sexual thoughts

Here are some tips for managing sexual thoughts:

  • Accept that sexual thoughts are normal
  • Challenge your negative thoughts
  • Distract yourself
  • Seek professional help

Who is this Quiz for? 

Sexual tendencies tend to advance during adolescence and may resurface in later stages of life as well. It is important to keep yourself in check and take such assessments every now and then to avoid any problems in the long run. If you are struggling to manage your sexual thoughts on your own, talk to a doctor or mental health professional. They can help you to develop coping mechanisms and to determine if you need further treatment.

Is this Quiz Accurate? 

This is NOT a professional psychiatric diagnosis. This is only a self-assessment quiz to help people figure out whether they need to speak with a professional or consult a psychiatrist. Our licensed mental health professionals can help you determine the next best steps for you.

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