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OCD: Early diagnosis key to effective treatment

OCD: Early diagnosis key to effective treatment

fb post for OCD-02As the name itself suggests, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder has to do with being obsessed about something or anything.

It could be an unknown fear about something which you would like to get rid of. In your eagerness to wriggle out of it certain actions becomes so repetitive that it turns into a serious obsession.

Spares none!

Diagnosed with OCD, one of the brilliant inventors of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla was credited with laying the foundation of modern electrical engineering, x-rays, radar and radio.

Tesla was so obsessed with number 3 that before entering a building he felt an irresistible desire to walk around it thrice. He was suffering from OCD.

Unreported OCD

Tesla’s example is to underline the all-pervasive dimensions of OCD as a commonly occurring mental disorder. It is quite common that a large number of people around may have a varying degree of OCD symptoms in them.

Due to social taboo and shame associated with admitting to the disorder a large number of OCD cases go unreported.

India vs West

As compared to Europe or US, India accounts for a small percentage of people suffering from OCD. Studies show that lifetime prevalence of OCD in India is 0.6% against 2-3% reported in the European and North American studies.

Untreated OCD is likely to make matters worse for the victim as it can graduate to bipolar disorder, depression and other serious mental ailments.

OCD attack!

Though the OCD can begin during childhood, it generally occurs in adolescence or early phase of adulthood. According to studies, in about 65% of cases OCD begins before the age of 25. In 15% of cases it also happens after the age of 35.

However, it is still not possible to correctly make any forecast about medical conditions associated with OCD. With development in psychiatric treatment such forecast of likely outcome of OCD can be done.

Various findings put together indicate that about 25% of the OCD patients register full recovery while about 15% register deteriorating course.

Posers on OCD!

For some reason or other OCD patients are hesitant to admit to their mental disorder. However, a simple quiz can help find out if the person is suffering from OCD.


  • Do you feel like washing or cleaning more frequently than others?


  • Do you get too suspicious or curious that you feel compelled to check things a lot more than others would generally do?


  • Do you get too obsessed with certain thoughts that disturb you?


  • You would like to get rid of obsessive thoughts but find it too difficult to do?


  • Do you take too much time completing your routine activities?


  • Do you feel obsessed with orderliness or symmetry?


  • Do you feel compelled to repeat certain activities like sitting in or out of chair or walk through doorway?


  • Do you feel compelled to collect useless objects and then find it difficult to throw them away?


OCD obsessive thoughts may relate to:

  • Thoughts pertaining to religion or other negative thoughts that you personally feel not acceptable
  • Thoughts or tendency to harm yourself or others
  • Thoughts related to the fear of unknown – for example thoughts about something terrible (Example- accident) that might befall you or your loved ones
  • Worrisome thoughts about suffering from serious illnesses like AIDS

Early diagnosis

OCD is a commonly occurring disorder and there are mental healthcare centers like Cadabam’s Hospital in the heart of Bangaluru to effectively take care of such illnesses. It is important that OCD is diagnosed correctly at an early stage so that it can be treated well and effectively.

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