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Mindfulness Therapy to Treat Depression

Mindfulness Therapy to Treat Depression

What is Mindfulness Therapy? Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, also known as Mindfulness Therapy, is a method of treating depression by combining the principles of mindfulness with cognitive behavioural therapy in order to keep you from suffering a relapse.

Mindfulness Therapy

It helps people who suffer through chronic unhappiness and bouts of depression overcome it by merging the cognitive therapy method with meditational practices and the cultivation of mindfulness along with its principles. Mindfulness, put together in simpler words, is living in the present moment. Experiencing emotions and thoughts without evaluating or getting consumed by them.

During a practice session, your mind way wander. You simply let it wander, see where it goes, observe this and return to your present moment through breathing exercises or yoga.

When Is Mindfulness Therapy Used And How Does It Work?

Mindfulness Therapy

Results have shown that Mindfulness Therapy is most effective in people that are more vulnerable to relapse and have had earlier episodes.

Mindfulness encourages people to stand back and observe their thoughts and emotions rather than trying to control or correct them.

While you are depressed, you most commonly have self-deprecating thoughts or negative thoughts about certain situations at present or situations that might occur in the future. Mindfulness Therapy trains you to observe and acknowledge these feelings rather than training you to drive these emotions away from your train of thought.

Mindfulness exercises for depression & Group MBCT Sessions

It has also been found that group Mindfulness Therapy sessions can help greatly in breaking down the walls of shame and guilt that depression builds within its victims.

Mindfulness Therapy

It helps you see that these negative thoughts and emotions are not just yours, everybody has them. And these are just thoughts, not facts to be dwelled upon. This itself can help a great deal in overcoming depression.

Mindfulness treatment for Depression

Depression can be treated. If you or anyone you know or care about is going through depression, urge them to seek help and get better.

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