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Drug addiction is a serious disorder that brings with it a host of other complications. It can affect your physical health, cause other mental health disorders, and can disrupt your daily life completely. Overcoming drug addiction is not just a matter of determination and will, it requires professional support and proper treatment. 

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A clinical psychologist is one of the professionals who treat drug addiction. They assess the individual and apply psychotherapeutic techniques to ensure that a person can cope with the different symptoms of the disorder. Cadabams offers the best psychologists for drug addiction in Bangalore.

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  • Changes in energy levels.
  • Difficulty controlling addictive behavior despite adverse health issues.
  • Extreme mood changes. 
  • Physical changes include increased illness occurrence and changes in weight.
  • Genetics
  • Trauma
  • Peer Pressure
  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • Out-patient
  • In-patient
  • Rehabilitation


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Can be treated?

Yes, with the right support, drug addiction can be treated. The key is to seek help at the right moment. A mental health professional can help in recovery from drug addiction by providing an effective diagnosis and devising a unique treatment plan catering to your needs. Doing this and more can improve the chances of accelerated recovery. 

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Best Drug Addiction Psychologists in Bangalore

In Bangalore, psychologists have a crucial role in tackling drug addiction through their comprehensive training in diverse psychotherapeutic techniques. 

To practice as mental health professionals, psychologists must possess a master's degree in psychology and acquire an M.Phil or Ph.D. They can further enhance their expertise by specializing in specific treatment approaches through internships and additional coursework.

Apart from traditional treatments, psychologists in Bangalore collaborate closely with psychiatrists to offer alternative therapies, oversee medication management, and monitor the overall well-being of individuals with drug addiction. 

This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive care and support for clients as they progress towards improved mental health.

How Psychologists in Bangalore Can Help a Drug Addiction Patient?

Psychotherapists who focus on drug addiction undergo specific training to acquire a wide range of treatment techniques aimed at effectively addressing symptoms and enhancing functionality. 

They utilize diverse approaches, including family therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, and social skills training, to identify and comprehend symptoms while equipping individuals with essential skills to effectively manage them. 

By developing these coping strategies, individuals can enhance their ability to lead independent lives.

Furthermore, psychotherapists provide support and guidance to parents and loved ones, offering assistance whenever necessary. Their role extends beyond the individual to encompass the broader support network, ensuring that everyone involved receives the essential care and understanding they require.

Treatments offered by a Drug Addiction Psychologist in Bangalore

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT is employed by therapists to instruct individuals in mindfulness and acceptance techniques, aiding in the regulation of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations associated with drug addiction. Additionally, therapists collaborate with clients to enhance distress tolerance and interpersonal skills.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In CBT, therapists strive to identify the triggers for bipolar episodes and the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that accompany them. As therapy sessions progress, the client and therapist work together to replace these negative symptoms with adaptive and healthy ones.

Family Focused Therapy

Family-focused therapy aims to address and overcome challenges experienced by both individuals diagnosed with drug addiction and their families. This type of therapy usually consists of around 12 sessions. 

Initially, the therapist educates the family about all aspects related to the condition, including causes, symptoms, triggers, and more.

Subsequent sessions concentrate on developing problem-solving and communication skills to effectively cope with the issues discussed earlier in therapy.

Occupational Therapy 

The goal of occupational therapy is to help individuals with drug addiction enhance their social and cognitive abilities. Through the use of diverse stress management techniques, sleep hygiene practices, and more individuals can make advancements in improving their overall well-being.

Treatment & Rehab Centers in Bangalore for Drug Addiction 

At Cadabams, our rehabilitation center offers a wide range of services designed to assist clients in managing symptoms and regaining their independence. 

With a dedicated team of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, nurses, and other experts, our center takes a holistic approach to addressing drug addiction and reducing the social stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Our rehab center provides personalized program options that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. These programs encompass medication management and social skills training, aiming to create a secure and supportive environment that empowers individuals to develop effective coping strategies.

How to Find the Best Drug Addiction Psychologist in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, there are multiple options for finding a skilled psychologist specializing in drug addiction. Psychiatrists can offer valuable recommendations based on their expertise, and conducting online searches can help identify professionals with the required qualifications and experience. 

While finding the right psychologist may require some time and effort, it is crucial to choose an expert with whom you feel comfortable, as their support plays a crucial role in your recovery journey.

Why Cadabams?

With over three decades of experience, Cadabams strives to deliver quality mental health care for all. Regardless of the psychiatric condition, our experts trained in the latest treatment modalities aim to design customizable and holistic treatment plans that help manage symptoms while also improving your overall well-being. 

Facilities & Services within Cadabams.

Our experts offer multiple treatment options that cater to your needs. These include: 

  • Outpatient services: Our expert professionals offer consultations for a wide range of mental health disorders.
  • Rehabilitation: In-patient care that involves a holistic treatment approach while collaborating with fellow residents. 
  • Emergency care: Hospitalization in the case of emergencies involves round-the-clock supervision and care. 


The foundation of any professional-client relationship is trust. This refers to maintaining confidentiality. Our experts are held to the highest standards of confidentiality, that is, they are prohibited from sharing personal information about the client unless and until needed. For instance, if the condition can cause severe and irreversible harm to themselves or those around them.


How much does a psychologist consultation cost in Bangalore?

The fees for consultations with psychologists specializing in drug addiction may differ depending on the provider. At Cadabams, the approximate cost for a session is ₹1000. 

Their  Our team of dedicated experts is committed to assisting you in comprehending and efficiently managing your symptoms throughout each consultation.

Where can I find a Psychologist in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, there are numerous options for individuals searching for experienced psychologists. These options encompass hospitals, clinics, mental health organizations, and online platforms, offering individuals a variety of choices to discover the psychologist who best suits their needs.

How to Choose a Psychologist in Bangalore?

When selecting a psychologist in Bangalore, it is important to take into account several factors, including qualifications, experience, specialization, and other relevant criteria. 

Reading reviews and ratings from past clients can be beneficial in gaining an understanding of the quality of care provided. 

It is crucial to find a psychologist who not only meets your specific needs but also establishes a sense of comfort and trust, as this is vital for a successful journey toward recovery.

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We had tried multiple rehabilitation centers across North India. None of them seemed to help my son. Then, a relative told us about this place called Cadabams in Bangalore. We were very nervous actually, since our son was going to be so far away from us. But, the time he spent at Cadabams has changed him. We knew the recovery journey would be long, but with Cadabams, it seemed worth it. Today, our son is in a much better place and he is slowly regaining control over his life.

Tina Debashish

My little brother. The apple of the family's eye. He is my favourite person. But, drug addiction took its toll on him. He stopped interacting with us, he became very secretive and he started having multiple health problems. We finally made the decision to avail rehabilitation at Cadabams. The change in him has been immense. Through rehabilitation at Cadabams, he has learnt how to stay off the substance and we truly believe that this recovery will be sustained.

Ananya Srinivasan

Drugs were always a means of escape for me. Sometimes, it seemed easier to consume drugs rather than face reality. My family was very supportive while I tried to fight addiction. We learn about Cadabam's and I enrolled into their drug rehabilitation program. Today, I have recovered from addiction, and am in control of my life. I will never forget what Cadabam's did for me.

Varsha Govindraj

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