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Dealing With Panic Attack

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Are you scared of panic attack, searching remedies to manage it, then you have come to the right page. A Panic attack might seems very hard to control. But if you have the right technique to handle, it might not be difficult for you to deal.

This is a success story of  Rajeev (name changed) who suffered from the severe panic disorder and how he recovered from it.

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Rajeev, a young entrepreneur, who saw much success at the age of 25. On a fine day, he started his jogging from my home as regular. On the way he suddenly experienced the frightening surge of adrenaline and associated anxiety symptoms, the increase in heartbeat, feeling hot & sweaty, trouble getting his thoughts together, but most importantly a great sense of fear and panic about what was happening around. He was mystified by the experience, he couldn’t understand it. Then  went home and shared the incident with his family and went to their family doctor.

Understanding panic attack:

Around this time he encountered three more attacks and two more while sleeping. Every aspect of his life was deeply affected. None were as difficult or as terrifying as the first, but still very frightening. Rajeev became aware of how he is feeling and even if he felt slightly anxious he was concerned that it was another panic attack. All medical investigations were normal. While this should have bought relief, it made thing difficult. Eventually, his family doctor and other specialists mentioned that it was panic attacks. On researching, he felt that it was panic attacks. Rajeev began to limit his lifestyle. Although he understood what a panic attack was, he didn’t know how to stop them or control them so he will always make sure that he wasn’t anywhere where escaping would be difficult.

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Choosing a right place:

After the help of psychiatrists and psychologists, he received the right treatment and psychotherapy. The panic attacks gradually started to reduce step by step and Rajeev started his entrepreneurship lifestyle as regular that he had always. If you think someone you know may be experiencing symptoms of panic attack, encourage them to seek help. Early treatment has better prognosis & enhances quality of life. For assistance for panic attack treatments, talk to our experts, call us on +919611194949.        

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