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Addiction: It kills the family more than the person.

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Addiction is not a voluntary problem

This question arises because of the fundamental misunderstanding that addiction is a voluntary problem and if the person wants to stop he will be able to. People do not realize that addiction is a disease and it needs professional support

This does not belittle the efforts of the person to quit or his cooperation to be proactive with the professionals. Addiction treatment is not a procedure it is a process. It is a process where professionals help the person to make the beginning and also support to him to sustain the change planned with all bio-psychosocial support.

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Typical treatment methodology for addiction

Addiction treatment starts with detoxification which is medically managing the withdrawals. This is the most important part of the treatment. most of the people with addiction fear to abstain because of the strong withdrawals and craving.

Withdrawals can be sometimes so strong that most often the person gets back to substance of abuse to come out of withdrawals. In this professionals make it so smooth that person gets good sleep and there are minimal or no withdrawals.

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Pharmacological interventions for addiction

While a person with addiction is supported psychologically and also sociological factors triggering behaviour are identified and necessary changes are suggested. Medically when indicated anti-craving and anti-abuse medications are also suggested to support the person to come out of addiction.

You can see while the origination of substance abuse is triggered by curiosity or a need to satisfy an internal emotional disturbance. It leads on to a uncontrollable spiral from where it becomes difficult for the addict to get out of.

It is a whirlpool that he falls into and needs the help of professionals and medication followed by a strict regimen of physical activity and emotional and social rehabilitation to embrace normal life. As per most professionals, addictions regardless of an individual’s will poser remains an involuntary aspect that requires treatment as any other disease would.

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