Have you been overthinking?

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Have You Been Overthinking?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future or dwelling on the past? Do you struggle to shake negative thoughts and get stuck in a loop of overthinking? If so, you're not alone. Overthinking can be frustrating and exhausting, leaving you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

There are several reasons why people tend to overthink. It could be due to fear of failing or striving for perfection, where both ends of the spectrum lead to overthinking. It can also be triggered by a lack of confidence or anxiety about the future or certain situations. At times, 

We may even overthink when we are bored and have nothing else to do.

Signs of overthinking can include:

  • Repetitive thoughts
  • Worrying about things you can't control
  • Second-guessing yourself
  • Fixating on the past
  • Being unable to relax.
  • Feeling mentally exhausted.
  • Having negative thoughts
  • Having difficulty making decisions
  • Having trouble sleeping

It's important to be mindful of your thoughts and try to break the cycle of overthinking. You could identify your triggers, challenge your negative thoughts, or try to bring your focus to the present moment. 

Who is this Quiz for?

Those who are concerned about their overthinking habits should take this quiz. If you feel like they can't stop worrying, have difficulty making decisions, or feel extremely overwhelmed. It is also ideal for those who are facing issues in their professional or personal lives because of overthinking. It can help identify your overthinking habits and understand the impact that they are having on your life. It can also provide you with insights into how to manage it and improve your overall well-being.

Is this Quiz Accurate?

This is NOT a professional psychiatric diagnosis. This is only a self-assessment quiz to help people figure out whether they need to speak with a professional or consult a psychiatrist. Our licensed mental health professionals can help you determine the next best steps for you.

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