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Bipolar Disorder Causes

Bipolar Disorder Causes

Bipolar Disorder

“If you misunderstand the causes of Bipolar disorder, it might be incorrectly diagnosed  as depression in women or schizophrenia in men.”

What is Bipolar?

Bipolar is a condition in which the individual suffers mood swing from extremely high to extremely low for a specific duration of time, that depends on the severity of the individual’s condition. Bipolar is can also be phrased as manic depression.


Decreased sleeping hours:

The trademark manifestation of a bipolar issue is sleep design. It can also be the activating element for bipolar disorder. Individuals who work or study for extended periods of time may experience bipolar mood swing because of shortening or absence of sleep.


Horrendous childhood:

The experts believe that an individual may create bipolar disorder due to the experience of severe emotional distress in the early childhood days.  Encountering events like, sexual abuse, social disengagement, horrendous past occasions, and losing the adored one. Thus the reason why Newton was haunted by bipolar. Know how Newton handled bipolar successfully.

Stressful life:

The individual who suffers bipolar disorder often encounters their symptoms at the origin point, where they had the most stressful period of time in their life. Can be a relationship breakup, due to their status at society, social isolation due to guilt, and experiencing a traumatic loss. Even lower level stress is not responsible for causing bipolar, but they can be a triggering reason for an episode of mania or depression.


Chemical imbalance in Brain:

Bipolar is partially caused by a hidden problem with particular brain circuitry and the operating function is known as neurotransmitters. This implies that bipolar disorder may be related to problems with the function of these neurotransmitters (messenger chemicals) and this is recommended by some expert analysis.

Hereditary influences:

The exact reason for the root cause of bipolar isn’t well understood. Researchers found that a possible connection within families and bipolar disorder are 80%. This happens is due to particular genes in the DNA. This condition concludes that the individual might encounter bipolar if the disorder exists in parents. Read more on ‘Is Bipolar Genetic/Hereditary’

that, it is not curable?

The truth is it can be completely treatable and manageable

There is a myth about Bipolargeable (to know about the various treatment options click here. The strong and successful management depends on various factors like knowledge about illness, perfect and good communication with professionals, support from family and friends and showing dedication to the treatment plan. Cadabam’s Group serve you the best treatment for bipolar disorder. Reach out to help @


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