Long Term Rehabilitation for D...

Addiction to being sober for long is not a cakewalk. It takes a lot of courage, determination and strength to achieve it. If you have been a drug or alcohol addict and you are over it now then thank and congratulate yourself because you deserve one. If you are not able to get over it […]

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This blog is a compilation of the common questions asked by patients with bipolar disorder and their family members.  It is completely for the knowledge, short-term recovery, and most importantly to imbibe self-confidence for the individuals that – You’re not alone! I read that ‘people with bipolar disorder can’t switch to normal life again‘ is […]

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What is sniffing addiction?

Sniffing is an act of inhaling substance right from the container of the substance. Sniffing involves either pouring or spraying a substance on a cloth and holding that soaked cloth to the nose or placing it in the mouth. And bagging is where fumes from the substance are trapped in a bag and then held […]

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Celebrities with Bipolar Disor...

‘Like seriously!!!???’ We do say “what?!”, “really!?”, “OMG!!!”; when we are surprised. When we know something new we are surprised, and when we know about the famous faces, this expression is magnified and the news goes viral. Especially celebrities with an illness like bipolar disorder. Do these faces look familiar to you? Yes, these faces […]

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Ice Addiction

Crystal meth, commonly known as ice, is now considered one of the most dangerous drugs (Ice addiction). Ice is the purest form of the drug methamphetamine. Smoking ice is considered to be the most addictive form of intake. It causes severe damage, both physical and mental, to the abuser. Like any other form of addiction, […]

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Effects of Party Drugs


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey, it is estimated that more than 6, 00,000 people coming under the age of 12 or older were reported in use of party drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. The survey also found that 39,000 people especially the youth between 12 and 17 years old were MDMA users in the year 2014.


Party drugs are quite common in use for those party people to hit the clubs, to feel the music and lights and to dance the night away. There are certain party drugs like ecstasy, LSD, roofies which are used by the partygoers to enjoy their experience.
It might seem like you are having a good time for a while, but did you ever know what and how these party drugs can cause a major effect on your physical and mental health?


Let’s have a look at the top party drugs and their effects.

Common party drugs and their effects-


  1. Ecstasy– Research studies prove that ecstasy is one of the most popular drugs used by up to 29 million people around the world. Though it is said to promote empathy and make the dance club go crazy and enjoying, it leaves a very bad effect on the person’s body. Its adverse effects include-


  • It increases blood pressure and the heart rate
  • Causes excessive sweating, blurred vision, nausea, etc
  • Person encounters anxiety, depression, weight loss and sleep disorders in young adults
  • High doses can lead to paranoia and hallucinations
  • Person experiences chill and muscle cramping.


Also, the increased body temperature due to ecstasy can be more significantly dangerous and can be potentially fatal.


  1. Cocaine– Coming next to the stimulant properties is Cocaine. It is one of the illegal drugs and has around 21 million people using the drug worldwide. Cocaine has worst effects which include-


  • Possible dehydration and overheating can occur
  • Causes high blood pressure and blood vessel constriction
  • Leads to heart attack and stroke
  • Causes bowel decay and speeds the HIV infection.


  1. LSD ( lysergic acid diethylamide) – LSD is a white, odorless powerful hallucinogen that gives a dream-like enhancement when taken in the club parties. It makes the person feel the lights and the music in a more personal way. But, the dark corners of LSD are-


  • It causes prolonged anxiety and depression
  • Leads to hallucinations and PTSD
  • It also causes weakness and numbness in muscles and nausea as well.


  1. Roofies– It is one of the sedative drugs such as Valium. The intake of roofies causes a person to encounter with memory issues, dizziness, impaired judgment, and periods of blackout.


  1. Bath Salts– These are a kind of synthetic drugs such as cloud nine and blue silk which are the popular names of it. These bath salts are high stimulants about 10 times even more powerful than that of cocaine. Its effects are known to be more toxic like-


  • High doses of bath salts can cause a panic attack, delusions or hallucinations, psychosis and also extreme paranoia.
  • The intake of these salts can lead to violent behavior in person and sometimes can even cause death.


Some of the other party drugs include mephedrone, amyl nitrates as poppers, prescription stimulants, etc.

How party drugs are addictive in nature?


Party drugs are highly addictive in nature because they act as pain relievers and induce a sense or a feeling of well-being inside the brain cells. Once the person becomes dependent to these party drugs, they encounter with the withdrawal symptoms as and when they do not take it or when they try to quit it.


It is important that young adults need are alert because drugs are more increasingly found at private parties, nightclubs and dance halls these days. Also, since its discovery, these drugs have caused around more than 2 lakh dozen death around the world.


If you or your loved one you know is dealing with drug addiction issues, then it is vital you choose a treatment plan or rehab for them. Call us to seek appropriate help @+91 96111 94949 or visit at Cadabam’s anunitha for a quality recovery from drug addiction.