24 X 7 Helpline For Mental Health Emergencies

Associated Behavioural And Mental Illnesses

People with intellectual disabilities have approximately five times higher rates of mental illness then the general population. In addition to the emotional and behavioural difficulties that can arise from brain damage or dysfunction, people with intellectual disabilities are more vulnerable to psycho social stressors like bullying, abuse, bereavement, poor problem solving skills that can precipitate mental health problems.The communication difficulties experienced by many people with intellectual disabilities can compound the distress as it is difficult to process the emotions effectively. At ANKITHA professionals especially psychiatrists and clinical psychologist with counsellors have specific expertise in the identification and treatment of co morbid Psychiatric/ Mental health difficulties in people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ANKITHA lays special emphasis on

  • Social Skill Training: Enabling them to function well in any social situations, manage interpersonal relationships and communication skills
  • Adaptive Training: Training in Activities of daily living like bathing, brushing and taking care of self
  • Behaviour Management Skills


At ANKITHA, psychiatrists as part of multidisciplinary team will assess the need for pharmacological treatment of underlying problem and prescribed medicines where it is absolutely necessary in line with best of national and international guidelines with careful and regular monitoring of effectiveness.