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Is Manic Depression Genetic/ Hereditary?

Is Manic Depression Genetic/ Hereditary?

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Manic depression share a genetic component.

Research and studies indicate that bipolar disorder also known as manic depression share a genetic component. The disorder has a higher risk of being diagnosed in an individual if the disorder is/was prevalent in the individual’s family members. However, the mental illness is mainly triggered and shows an onset post a stressful life event. The causes of bipolar disorder to a large extent is still unknown, there are a variety of factors that play a huge role for the development of the illness which includes genetics, chemical imbalances in the brain and environmental factors.

  • Genetics

Bipolar disorder is at large inherited. Genetic factors accounts for approximately 80% of the time the cause of the illness. If a parent has the disorder, there is a 10% chance that their child would develop the illness and if both the parents have bipolar there is a 40% chance of the child developing bipolar disorder. However, just because you have the gene or the likelihood of developing the disorder there is a possibility that you may not develop the illness as factors such as stressors do come into play.

  • Chemical imbalances in the brain

Chemicals in the brain are responsible for controlling functions in the brain. The onset of bipolar disorder shows a strong connection to chemical imbalances in the brain. A chemical known as serotonin in the brain, has strong affects on an individual’s mood. The abnormalities in the serotonin chemistry cause mood swings. Other chemicals such as noradrenaline and dopamine are also accounted for the same. Evidence show that high levels of noradrenaline could cause episodes of mania and when nor adrenaline levels get too low they cause episodes of depression.

  • Environmental factors

Stressful life events won’t lead to bipolar disorder but along with genetic factors it would cause the development of the disorder. Hence it is essential for individual diagnosed with bipolar disorder to find ways to manage and reduce the stress in their lives. Stressors in life could range from turmoil within a relationship, sexual, physical or emotional abuse, death of a loved one, sleep disturbances, physical illness, stressors in life relating to work, family, money, etc.

By seeking professional mental health care one can learn to manage the stressors as well as the bipolar disorder. Medications, psychotherapy, adoption of healthier ways of living like eating health, sleeping for the required hours, practicing stress management techniques and avoiding drugs and alcohol can help you manage the intensity of your symptoms and reducing the occurrence of your disorder. For treatment of the bipolar disorder, reach out now on +919611194949.

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