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Addiction Programs for Alcoholism

Addiction Programs for Alcoholism

When an individual feels that they are no longer in control of their addictive habit despite the medications they take or are constantly tempted and exposed to the addictive substance, Addiction Programs are needed.

Addiction Programs are intense recovery programs that require motivation, determination, and social support to help the suffering individual restart and lead a new meaningful life.

There are various types of Addiction Programs but the most known among them is the inpatient and outpatient program. In-patient program requires the individual live inside the center’s premises, a group of professional including psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, nurse, etc, work together to help the individual recover. Outpatient programs also work the same way but here the individual does not have to stay in the premises. It should also be noted that each program varies depending on the center, individual and the nature of addiction.

Addiction Programs or addiction rehabilitation programs

Addiction Programs

The treatment program usually consists of four stages;

  • Intake: This starts with the individual approaching the rehab center. Initial assessments are done, which includes physical: if the individual has a medical condition, mental: how much the individual has been affected by the addiction and the nature of addiction itself: when did it start, causes, duration, quantity per day, etc. Along with all these, the individual is also assessed for any other mental illness that exists simultaneously with the addictive behavior. Next, the expert team prepares a unique program for the individual using the assessment data. The clients’ other needs and expectations are also considered.
  • Detoxification: This is the first step for various kinds of addiction. The aim here is to remove every trace of alcohol from the individual’s body. During this time the hardest thing is the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms occur because the individual’s body is not receiving any amount or less amount of alcohol which is different from the amount received before. The withdrawal symptoms may range from headaches, tremors, cravings to severe delirium.
  • Rehab: Once the detoxification is complete, the individual is then considered ready to face the real cause of the addiction. The individual finds their cause of addiction with the help of a therapist, they are then taught to reconcile with it. If the cause is stress or an issue the individual is taught how to cope with it. They are also encouraged to find and engage in hobbies and how to tackle craving if they reoccur. Here counseling and psychotherapy play an important role.  
  • Recovery: An individual’s recovery journey is not over once they leave the rehabilitation center. Here the individual has to come back to the center for a few weeks or months for regular follow up, this, the individual and the expert team decide mutually.

Seek best recovery programs for drug and alcohol addiction

Rehabilitation programs have been seen to bring out positive and effective results when it comes to enabling the individual get back to their normal life, be it personal or professional. Thought the journey may be tough and require extra inner strength, rehabilitation programs help the individual connect back to the society with dignity. For best alcohol addiction treatment centers, contact professionals at Cadabams Anunitha on +919611194949.