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Cadabams Group – After Us Who

Taking care of a family member especially as parent a person with intellectual and developmental disability is in itself challenging enough. As parents and family members is even more conceming about the continuity of same quality of care even when they are no more the primary care givers.

The question of “who will care for my loved one when I no longer can” is a nagging one that tugs at the hearts and minds of families caring for a loved one with a disability.

ANKITHA has special focus addressing and reassuring when a family is faced with this inevitable question of “AFTER US WHO“.

ANKITHA does it by

  • Lifelong and extended term assistance
  • Continuity of care
  • Listen and lend emotional support to both resident and family
  • Long term legal planning and assistance
  • Long term financial planning assistance
  • Health management at the best of the facilities
  • Support and educate the siblings and secondary care givers
  • Encouraging and ensuring of moving out of institution regularly for errand visits and for fun
  • Celebrate and observe important days of the residents like Birthdays, festivals or such other days of significance