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Cadabam’s ADRUTHA: Rehabilitation Care for Women


Adrutha is a facility set up by Cadabam’s Group exclusively to offer treatment focussed on women’s mental health. The Recovery & Rehab program at Adrutha equips women with skills to lead a happier and meaningful life post-recovery. The women’s care centre helps those in need of psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health care. The team of specialists at Adrutha women’s mental health center is highly qualified and brings to the table years of experience in specialized women-focused drug and alcohol treatment programs. They are well versed in dealing with psychiatric issues affecting women.


Adrutha’s women’s mental health centre provides a safe, nurturing space for women, where they can seek private treatment and achieve recovery goals in an environment that is sensitive and supportive of their needs. The treatment includes detoxification, therapy and aftercare support which focuses on the essential skills required to boost self-esteem.


Living Spaces

Cadabam’s Adrutha is designed as a mental wellness retreat aimed at helping patrons (exclusive to women) attain physical and mental wellbeing. Adrutha offers safe and spacious boarding choices for occupancy and other recreational activities as well. The spaces are designed and furnished for a comfortable, safe assisted living experience that aids faster recovery. The Centre emphasizes holistic healing by providing a platform to unravel, interact, and explore nature.


Individual Planning

The experts at Cadabam’s structure treatment plans based on the individual’s unique challenges and traumatic experiences. Each client’s roadmap to recovery is different and we work closely with them to understand the combination of treatment methods & approaches that will best help achieve recovery goals. Apart from recovery, the treatment is also planned to equip the patients with skills that help them reintegrate and function in social & professional settings.



  • Open Canopy area for therapeutic activity
  • Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Horticulture unit
  • Occupational Therapy unit
  • Space for outdoor games
  • Walking track

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With the aim to deliver holistic healing, Cadabams has taken many initiatives to help patrons on their personalized path to recovery. The community-oriented initiatives are designed to bring out their talents and creativity and help mental health patients build confidence in social settings.

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