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Depression Treatments

Depression Treatments



A chart of example on how dramatically it feels when an individual encounters depression. ‘Am feeling depressed’ is not a word it is an emotion. Every where you can hear that word, especially from the teenagers. What is important to understand is that feeling sad and being depressed are two different things. Many factors contribute to feeling depressed such as loss of interest,  lower self-esteem, substance abuse, serious illness, and certain medications. So how do we overcome depression?


Therapies for depression:

The most general and effective treatment for depression is structured talk therapy. The knowledge that you gain from this therapy provides you the skills to prevent depression and gives the mental strength to overcome. There are many types of therapies available to cure depression such as



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for depression oriented issues. This therapy deals with mind and behavior of an individual who encounters depression. CBT is most preferred because of its short time frame and complete treatment focused. To know about CBT click here




Neurofeedback is also known as Neurotherapy. The therapy that paves the way to quality recovery by improving the brain functions by means of intense cerebrum training exercises, also the therapy is simply cool and painless. To know more about neurofeedback click here



This therapy is a blended treatment incorporating CBT and meditational practices, it’s also called MBCT in other words. Mindfulness therapy provides the individual the strength and knowledge to stand back and understand their thoughts and emotions rather than attempting to take charge of scenario. To Know more about mindfulness click here


Pharmacological interventions:

Full recovery in most of the cases with a single medication process might be not possible. In that circumstances, the completion of treatment process will be carried out by the combination of medications or medications plus psychotherapy. This procedure for depression is more common and effective in long-term remedies



This treatment is slightly different from others treatments like CBT or mindfulness. The process of the treatment involves magnetic pulse inducted to the brain and monitor the various parts and activities of the brain cerebro using electric current. To know more about rTMS click here


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