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Cadabam's AMITHA: A Centre for Short Term and Long Term Rehabilitation Care


Named after the Late Amitha M Cadabam, this Centre was Cadabam’s first rehabilitative care Centre set up in the year 1992. Amitha is a personalized rehabilitation therapy Centre nestled near Bangalore aids rehabilitative goals. Cadabam’s Amitha provides a wide range of rehabilitation services with high-quality residential facilities. Amitha is one of the best rehab centers in Bangalore for most acute, sub-acute and chronic stages of mental conditions.


Cadabam’s Amitha is run by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from Psychiatry, Clinical Psychiatry, Psychiatric social work, Psychiatric rehabilitation, and nursing backgrounds. The team actively works with top rehabilitative care organizations worldwide to provide the best rehabilitative therapy and care possible to enhance the lives of patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses. The team at Amitha has also pioneered several successful programs like Supported Living, Supported Education, De-Addiction, and Short-term and Long-term rehabilitation care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders.


Living Spaces

Cadabam’s Amitha is designed as a mental wellness retreat aimed at helping patrons attain physical and mental wellbeing. Amitha offers a broad range of boarding options starting from a minimal low-cost dormitory to luxurious cottages. The spaces are designed and furnished for a comfortable, safe assisted living experience that aids faster recovery.


Individual Planning

The experts at Cadabam’s structure treatment plans based on the individual’s unique challenges and traumatic experiences. Each client’s roadmap to recovery is different and we work closely with them to understand the combination of treatment methods & approaches that will best help achieve recovery goals.



  • Open Canopy area for therapeutic activity
  • Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Horticulture unit
  • Occupational Therapy unit
  • Space for outdoor games

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With the aim to deliver holistic healing, Cadabams has taken many initiatives to help patrons on their personalized path to recovery. The community-oriented initiatives are designed to bring out their talents and creativity and help mental health patients build confidence in social settings.

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