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Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Overview

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be defined as a neurological and behavioural disorder that often manifests itself in childhood and then continues throughout their lives. It affects a person’s ability to interact, communicate, and learn. The reason why the term “spectrum” is used is that people suffering from this disease can have a wide range of symptoms. For example, a person suffering from ASD may not look in the eye while speaking and perform repetitive actions.


Diagnosing ASD can be difficult at times because it can’t be detected with a blood test or any other medical test. It’s possible to understand whether a person is suffering from ASD by observing their behaviour and development. Most of the times, ASD is detected when a person is 18 months or younger. There are two ways to diagnose if a person has ASD or not – Developmental Screening and Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation.

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Although ASD in itself can’t be cured, however, the treatment methodology involves reducing the symptoms of ASD and improving the person’s abilities to function. Treatment can also help in improving the social, communicational, functional, and behavioural skills of people.
The various treatment options for ASD include:

  • Behaviour and communication therapies – This aims to address social, language, and behavioural problems through programs such as applied behaviour analysis (ASA).
  • Educational therapies – These programs help improve interpersonal and communicational skills of children.
  • Family therapies – In these types of therapies, parents and other family members are taught to ply with the people to help them learn social interaction.
  • Medications – Medications don’t help in doing away with the signs of ASD but rather help in controlling the symptoms of ASD.

Why Cadabams?

Our team of psychiatrists are experts in psychosocial rehabilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) ), interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT), and family-focused therapy that has proven to be highly effective in cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have over two decades of expertise in handling the most complex cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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At Cadabams, we provide clean, modern, fully furnished accommodations with all the necessary creature comforts.

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Kitchen and dining hall, laundry facilities, indoor games area, yoga and meditation hall, outdoor games area for cricket, badminton, Round the clock psychiatrist and counsellor support, 24×7 ambulance on demand.

Healthy Cuisine

Our everyday menu is curated by Dieticians aimed at providing healthy and nutritious and tasty meals to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Entertainment Options

Recreation facilities such as TV, sports, gym, picnics and outings and more.

Difficult to make friends or relationships

MEDICATION: Certain class of medications helps in some of the symptoms like controlling repetitive thoughts, behaviour and control aggression and temper tantrums.

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